Your Thoughts: Touring Plan Around Park Evening Hours & Christmas Party

Looks like I will need to scrap my current park reservations and start over again.
Two things have popped up that make it necessary - extended evening hours and the Christmas party. I usually do two days at MK, but throwing in the party makes MK 1.5 days. And if I can get in on the extra nighttime hours - it’s a bonus. While they haven’t officially announced dates, is it safe to assume extended hours at MK will continue to fall on Wednesdays? I am strongly considering two days at AK instead. The plan looks like this:

Saturday, Novemberr 27 - “No Parks” Day

Sunday: Hollywood Studios, Christmas Party
(Having never scored a BG for ROTR, I feel certain this is the day it will happen. But my BG won’t get called until AFTER I leave to head to Magic Kingdom. I am certain of it.) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Monday: EPCOT
This makes sense to me if I end up staying at MK until 1:00AM. With EPCOT opening later than most, I can sleep in. Might try and throw 'Ohana breakfast in here as well. :clown_face:

Tuesday: Animal Kingdom
Very leisure. Head to Safari instead of mad dash to FoP. Stay 'til close because I STILL haven’t seen Pandora at night. :hear_no_evil:

Wednesday: Magic Kingdom

  • extra hours. :crossed_fingers:

Thursday: Animal Kingdom
Less leisure. Mad dash to FoP. Second chance to see Pandora at night. If they bring the tours back I want to do one. But they probably won’t. (Wild Africa Trek was very impressive.) :lion::zebra::paw_prints::giraffe::elephant::paw_prints::rhinoceros:

Friday: Departure Day.
Not sure what I’m doing. Don’t even have my flight booked yet because they’re too expensive. (Opens wallet and purchases ticket to Christmas party.) :joy:
Avoiding an early flight out, if possible. Decided I don’t like boarding ME at 4AM. Perhaps I could squeeze in Topollinos breakfast. :heart_eyes:

Hopefully, they won’t throw in anymore dates/surprises that put me in FOMO mode.


We are going the same week. You just reminded me to avoid the late extra hours since we are not staying Deluxe. We are also not spending over $1000 on Christmas after hours tickets. Looks like Monday will probably the only day we can close down MK. I’m annoyed with the schedule changes as well.


We are also going that week. I was just telling my hubby about how many parties are going on while we are there + late deluxe hours. We are staying deluxe this time (with a great discount for a conference I’m scheduled to attend) so I guess we will be doing MK that day for sure.

We will have an 11yo and 3yo and I’m not paying for the 3yo to sleep through the Christmas party event at the cost of $209! One of us miiiiiight take our older one, maybe.


Last year was my first time visiting at Christmas. The cavalcades at MK made me so happy. To this day I randomly sing “Once Upon a Christmas Time.” The castle projections, Dapper Dans, decorations were so wonderful - and that was the scaled down version. There’s no question I would attend the actual party. But I’m a party of one, so the price doesn’t sting (as much.) I was planning to have dinner at Boathouse and ride in the Amphicar. I’m canceling that and doing the party instead. That’s how I’m justifying the cost. The price point is gross, though. Definitely not family friendly and I understand why guests are offended.

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