Your Same day FastPass+ experience

I’m working on a blog post and would like to hear your experience of getting additional FPP’s after your initial reservations. How many extra FPP’s were you able to get? What time of day did you get your FPP’s? What attractions were available? How many people were in your party? What was the crowd level?


We went recently (in the parks on Oct 19 & 20) and found that getting same day additional fast passes was a no-go. On Oct 19th I tried to change my existing Big Thunder passes for later in the day…nothing available. After using the 3 passes we tried to get another around 2 pm in MK on a low crowds day…nothing worth getting. I think we had 2 or 3 options, things like Philharmagic that never have a line. The next day we were in Epcot and I never tried for another because there wasn’t any need. We RD Test Track and had FP for Soarin. There aren’t really lines to worry about elsewhere.

It’s pretty much a non-issue at HS and AK (my daughter won’t ride the big roller coasters or Tower of Terror, so the three FP are more than enough). That being said, now with Frozen Ever After things are a little more complicated at EPCOT. We’re hoping to be able to get there at rope drop and go straight to Soarin’ and Test Track, and use the FP for Frozen. At MK I’ve always been able to get plenty of SDFPs with little trouble. We make sure that our initial three are for mornings, and we’re able to avoid lines with the SDFPs the rest of the day. Then again, we go in mid-January and the crowds are pretty low.

We last went in Mid-May of this year. We really racked up the extra FPs. At least 5 in addition to the original 3 you get, and we left every day by 4pm, so we could have gotten far more.

As another poster commented, the premium passes are probably a no-go. I’ve seen days where you could get space mountain or big thunder or splash same day early, but that was not our experience. That said, I disagree that only rides “not worth getting” remained. We bypassed long lines by getting extra late-morning to early afternoon passes for Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Small World, Pooh, Haunted Mansion… and some minor lines (still saved time though!) for Little Mermaid and Goofini.

Agreed that there was no utility in getting extra Epcot passes.

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