Your recommendations for the burgers and pizza brigade?

My December trip is almost upon us (well under 300 days to go) so the pressure is on to get serious about the planning.

I had already sketched out a plan for dining, but I’ve realised that it’s still too much about what I like to eat. At least one of my friends is very much a burgers and pizza person. I’m fine with this: after all, it will also save money.

I do want to do (at least) one of the more visually compelling restaurants (CG, S220, TT, Toledo, CR, etc.) and (at least) one character meal. And one of my friends said he does enjoy a good steak.

What are your recommendations for restaurants that will satisfy — for want of a better term — boring eaters? (Am I really doomed to go back to VN?)

I’m also thinking the lounges might be a good idea, e.g. Geyser Point, which apparently does a great burger. And I like restaurants in the hotels because we’re going at Christmas and the deluxe hotels are a must-visit.

Geyser Point is a definite yes

Deluxe Burger

Blaze Pizza


I really think Cali Grill is the best full experience “bang for your buck” option for a nice dinner. They also do a really great steak. They used to have pizza on the menu, but I’m not sure now with the prix fixe menu.

Pretty sure I’ve heard Il Mulino has great pizza, otherwise VN is the only place TS wise that I can think of having pizza. Well and Tony’s in MK. Maybe they will have a parade view package?

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We like to do Sci-Fi Diner, it has good (good enough for us non-picky eaters) thick burgers in a fun setting. I agree with the suggestion for a burger at Geyser Point - good food, and great setting. Plus you have an excuse to see WL all decorated up for Christmas!

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OH MY DUH how did I forget sci fi?!

Yes that too


S71? GG for the character meal?

I don’t see you wanting to go there but the basic restaurants attached to the value hotels have great pizza. I’m thinking in particular of AOA, but it was a long time ago, 2019, when I was there.

i live with a “boring eater” and never had an issue with dining at wdw. for burgers, sci-fi and deluxe burger were great options. (i’m a vegetarian and i was fine at both.)

we also enjoyed satuli and yak and yeti, the latter meal included an even more boring eater and she was able to find something she really enjoyed. if that happened, there’s hope for anyone.

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to add: with the same group mentioned in my last post, we ate lunch at gf’s gasparilla island grill before the mk christmas party. i ate the flatbread pizza and the others burgers. we all enjoyed the food. it was tasty, affordable, and filling (and it kicked off our long day and night to come).

the goal was to see the tree, gingerbread house, and holiday atmosphere. the food was secondary, but it was a decent qs lunch. next time, i’d try geyser point (as mentioned by others) at wl if i’m there for the holidays and want to see that resort.

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Sci Fi has good burgers and fries and I love the atmosphere.


I’m a pretty picky/boring eater and love the burgers (and atmosphere) at Sci-Fi. Had Yak & Yeti this past weekend as well for the first time and found the miso salmon to be seriously amazing.

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