Your Next Trip....what are you going to Repeat?


For us its the Pirates and Pals Cruise and the Hoop Dee Doo we have done Hoop Dee Doo on all 4 visits. The Pirates and Pals we did last time during Hallowishes and would do this again in a heart beat.


For my next trip I am repeating La Cava Wind Down. For my next long trip I am planning on repeating staying at AKL and eating at Jiko and Sanaa.


We always repeat 'ohana! Yummy!!!


We will be doing pre-rd CP, VN twice and B&C.


For my next trip, I'm repeating Raglan Road. It's an adults-only trip, and my friends want to do some Downtown Disney shopping. smile I think that everything else on my itinerary will be new to me. I'm trying to experience lots of new things.


thought of another, we are going to repeat putting sprogs in children's club so we can do worldshowcase without worrying if the kids are getting bored


We are repeating Hoop Dee Doo, BBB/CRT, Narcoossee's and several more ADRs. But we're also doing a lot of new things so I think that we have a nice balance.


We are going to do Crystal Palace no question. I think we will do T-Rex again. It was expensive but the atmosphere was hard to beat. I also can't stand to miss Flame Tree Barbecue, I think the food is some of the best at the parks.


Cape May Cafe----loved it


I'm repeating playing the chicken game at POP many times because I love it.


Repeat- CP, H&V, Biergarten and maybe Tusker.


Yorkshire County Fish Shop at Epcot. We love the fish and chips.


What on earth is that? Staying there soon!


That's good to know about pirates and pals during hallo wishes. We were looking for something new for this year


We are looking forward to repeating the BOG lunch & the R&C Wind Down. Trying TH, HDDR, Akershus, and Pop for the first time.


Trails End dinner! And can't wait to ride the newly refurbished People Mover!


Are you asking about Cape May cafe? It is a seafood buffet for dinner. We love it.


Oops, my reply went to the wrong post! Sorry about that. I meant to reply to @alitig1's post about "playing the chicken game" at pop. Don't know what that is, and I'm curious because I will be at Pop next week (woohoo!).


No problem.....nice chatting with you anyway. I can tell you are just a little excited about your trip. Have a wonderful time.


just thought of a good one.....going to repeat booking again lol