Your Fave ADR & St Patty's Day 2021

I feel like I just did my trip report from my December 2020 trip and yet… I just booked a trip today for March 2021. I am still in shock.

Our Dec 2020 trip was just my husband and me and some of our highlights were the Table Service meals we tried for the first time. Our March 2021 trip will be adults only as well (my kids are going to kill me) but we are going with other couples this time. Drop your favorite place to have a TS meal below that you think we should try (other than California Grill & Chefs de France, we did those on our last trip and don’t plan to repeat in March). It can be in a park or at a resort. I’m bringing a list to our next Disney Planning Meeting.

ALSO! We will be in WDW for St Patrick’s Day. Other than Raglan Road, do you have any fond memories of St Pat’s Day in a park or suggestions for what to do that day? Remember, it’s all adults, so we’re up for anything.


We do via Napoli pretty much every trip. I am so glad they have outdoor table service because we are committed to only eating outdoor this trip (Jan).

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Topolino’s is one of my new favorites.

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I was thinking about going here on our arrival day for dinner. Would you suggest dinner or another time of day as your favorite?

I’ve done both breakfast and dinner. Both are great. Dinner though was fabulous and rivals CG.

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Our family likes the following: Teppan Edo in Japan is always good, :t_rex: T-Rex and not table service but never skipped: Polite Pig

You are not the only one thinking about another trip so soon after the last one!
We were there I think the same time as you. We initially said no more trips until 2023 (a big extravagant 25th anniversary trip.)
Both my son and I have been pining for another trip… DH even said he’s not sure DS will let us go 3 years without another trip.
So now I’m looking at another trip on the sly.

Our favorite meals this trip were Kona breakfast and Yak and Yeti. We also enjoy Via Napoli.
But, maybe Space 220 will be open by then?

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I love Sanaa. Be sure to go when it’s light out to enjoy the animals!

Also, very much loved our breakfast at Kona Cafe.

We have really enjoyed Tokyo Dining, although I don’t think that it is open, yet. I have several favorites that aren’t opened, yet.
Biergarten is a family favorite.

I love Jiko and highly.recommend it, especially for an adults only trip.

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They aren’t open yet though, and with no open date for AKL in sight I doubt they will be open in time.

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Good point. I forget to check what is open now.