Your During-Construction Star at Coronado Springs Resort


I'd like to use this thread to talk about your experiences and thoughts after staying at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort during its 2017-2018 construction phase.


My son and I will be there for the podcast event. Room recommendations would be a good idea to know what areas to avoid.


Hi! We stayed at Coronado Springs March 18-March 21. We requested Casistas building 4, but were placed in Casistas building 5, which was fine. The construction did not impact us AT ALL! :slight_smile: I would highly recommend CSR in the Casistas section.


Following this as we are going in September


We were in Ranchos pre-cruise the week of March 12, in Casitas post-cruise. There was some parking impact in Casitas, with construction-related materials causing closure of part of one of the parking lots, though there was no signage warning of this, we just ended up heading down an aisle and kind of getting stuck. It was at night. In Ranchos, we walked over a bridge toward the main lobby/food court, and there was fencing and construction screening to one side of the bridge area, no real impact.


Does anyone have a suggestion on whether to request the refurbished room vs a different location? Does the refurbished room trump the rooms closest to the first bus stop? TIA!


Should I request castitas or a new room? If a new room which building?


Following this as we are staying at CSR in November. We were recently able to secure a military rate reservation, and we are excited to stay on property for our first time! Previously we have only stayed at Shades of Green, but I'm THRILLED to be able to access the FP+ at 60 days!


Just booked a few nights in early November with AP offer. We were at WL earlier this year during construction and it wasn't too bad, so hoping this will be similar.


When is the construction at CSR scheduled to end? Is there an area of the resort we should avoid so that we miss most of the construction?


Construction doesn’t impact your stay really except for maybe the Cabanas. Even then, they are only working during the day. We were in the Ranchos and didn’t hear it at all. If you don’t want to even “see” it, choose the Casitas.