Your daily Disney Price Increase-Reusable Shopping Bag prices increase $1 each, WDW saving the environment one Dollar at a time

After yesterdays announcing an increase in the price of their environmental saving resort parking fees, WDW is raising the prices of their environmental saving reusable shopping bags up to $2-3 from $1-2.

WDWNT Reusable Bag Price Increase

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Maybe the AP increase was environmentally-friendly too…



Disney soon expects to launch a tiered system for the restrooms, as well.

The plan is expected to be something like this:

  • There will be three tiers: Premium, Standard, and Value.
  • Value restrooms will be free to use, but will limit toilet paper usage and have smaller stalls. For men’s room urinals, privacy dividers will not be available
  • Standard restrooms are free to use for on-site guests, but with twice the toilet paper allotment, and an extra six inches of space.
  • Premium is a pay-to-go option where you get to “skip the line” and get immediate access to the next available. They also get exclusive access to more private urinals, larger stalls, and extra hand soap.

Disney claims this is all about giving more luxurious options for their guests.


I can see the future press release, Walt Disney Company announced today in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, daily ticket prices will increase to $100,000 per day.

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Will VIP tours be available?


Don’t forget Poop Pass Plus, which allows on-site guests to book “skip the line” potty breaks 60 days before their stay begins.

God, I hope WDW does not monitor these threads - we are just giving them ideas…


I decide I’m done commenting on Disney price increases and going to go elsewhere on the interwebs and this is the first news story I come across

Motley Fool: Is Disney World Finally too Expensive?


The number of AP confirmation codes clogging our nation’s landfills is shocking. SHOCKING.



So… do they still provide “free” plastic bags?

Because if so, screw their dollar price increase. I’ll take a plastic bag and cut down a tree just for spite. We need the wood to make more paper and print more dollars anyway, apparently!

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They eliminated plastic bags to be environmentally friendly, and now offer the reusable shopping bags as an option.

@fixy2273 and @ryan1, they still offer plastic bags. We got some last week.


Interesting, although I suspect that is only “while supplies last”. :slight_smile:

That could be. They didn’t seem phased when we wanted one. We tried to avoid them when we could, but sometimes we needed a bag.

They had plastic bags when I was there two weeks ago.
I specifically remember they were not going to let plastic bags come between them and $$ in sales at the Fjording. Our items showed up in our rooms encased in three plastic bags. In fact, the sweater was in paper in a box in a bag. It seemed excessive to me.

But there you go. If you’re a resort guest, you can have the items sent back to your room. They can’t get rid of bags. It’s totally just a money grab.

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They could get rid of plastic bags IF they were truly concerned about the environment by offering, instead, PAPER bags that are biodegradable/renewable. But paper bags cost more. Instead, they want to “offer guests” a lovely reusable bag for a small fee (which is supposed to JUST cover the cost of the bag). But you know perfectly well that those bags cost way less to manufacture than the price they are charging.

Paper bags with handles would have been the better option if the “money grab” was not the TRUE motivator.


Yes. Those reusable bags are so cheap, I get them as swag a couple times a year. We really do use them a lot to cut down on plastic bags, though we still need some plastic for kitty litter.:wink:

If Disney really cared, they’d have a free reusable bag in the room for each resort stay. THAT would be a statement in support of the environment. It would probably cost them a buck a bag, tops.

This is just hype & a cash grab. After all, a paper bag won’t keep rain off a Dale of Norway sweater. When it comes to money, they’ll compromise their green values in a heartbeat. They’re just swapping them out for a different color of green.


Along with the resort parking increase of $1-$2. I guess they figure no one will notice the nickel and diming with the shock of the AP price increases.


We seriously need to adjust this term for inflation.


True dat!! But then I’m old :rofl: