Your best character interactions

Most of the times I have interactions with characters, my wife and son end up being super embarrassed and generally think I am doing this just to laugh at how mortified they get. Of course, that is absolutely true and I am always looking for new ways to feel that special satisfaction. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone wants to share any tips or experiences with characters that would be fun ?


To get things started, my own favorite:

We ran onto (literally) Capt. Hook in DLR, with no crowds/line and I took pictures with him, looking as mean as I could. Quickly while I was with him, a crowd started to form to meet him. As soon as we were done, I started going ‘‘tick tock tick tock tick tock’’ behind him and he just jumped and ran away, leaving the people pretty disappointed and the cast member yelling (sorta, not in a mean way) at me ''why’d you do that for ??? he was being all nice !!!). It was pretty hilarious although I felt bad for the other people who wanted to meet him !!!


We sometimes wear shirts that will help with interactions. I also subscribe to Kenny the Pirate and he has interaction tips on his website that we use.

Some of our favorite characters have been Joy and Sadness, Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Chewbacca, Flynn Rider at Bon Voyage, the stepsisters at 1900 Park Faire, Peter Pan, Starlord and Groot, and Gaston

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I skipped Gaston in the past but that was before I saw all the hilarious stuff with him on youtube. Definitely will seek him out this time around and will challenge him to an arm-wrestling duel !!!

My husband picked on him about not having boys (we have 3) and the 2 of them started sparring with come backs. I thought the photopass photographer was going to die laughing.

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LOL that sounds so funny !!! :slight_smile:

He is so good. You don’t really have to have any ideas of your own, he just does his own thing and it’s hilarious.

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Favorites include:
Tremaine Sisters at 1900
Jack and Sally

The sisters, Gaston, and Sadness all get mentions for how very in-character they are the entire time. It amazes me how on top of their roles they are and how very quick witted they can be. Sadness you just can’t help but feel bad for she’s so sad!

7D and Jack&Sally get mentions for rarity and bucket list character meets


We also love Tiana and Rapunzel. We met them at 9pm one night and ended up being the only ones in there. It was great! My dd and I had been to New Orleans earlier in the summer so we talked about that. We were going to see Rapunzel and Flynn the following morning at Bon Voyage Breakfast (it was great/recommend!) and so we told her we would see her tomorrow. Lots of fun and zipped around the castle afterwards and got a place to watch the fireworks just in time!

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Flynn Rider at Bon Voyage was hilarious! He told us about his theory that Prince Eric was actually a pirate and he had very plausible arguments. LOL! Make sure to ask him what’s in his bag.


Oh Anna is very cool too. So animated and very chatty!


LOL yeah when my son was 4 years old he thought that Anna was talking way too much, way too fast and way too loud; he didn’t like her at all. While we were with her, he got really uncomfortable-looking, asked to leave and ran to Elsa who was waiting for us about 30 feet away !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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You all know that the characters aren’t real, right?


While we don’t do the characters ourselves, I could probably stand and watch Gaston interacting with the little ones for hours. It isn’t so much Gaston, but how the little kids just can’t STAND Gaston to be such a stuck-up buffoon! Four year old little girls will fight to the death to defend Belle’s honor! :slight_smile:

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Dude you are SO suicidal… :rofl::rofl::rofl:




(you asked for it!)


When I was in college, I was TOTALLY into Star Trek. So, I was sitting watching an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation when my Mom comes in and stands behind me for a few minutes. Finally, she leans in and says to me, “You know this isn’t real, Ryan, don’t you?”

No, Mom. All this time I thought it was a documentary.


Every since then, I find sick humor in the phrase, “You know this isn’t real, right?”


Our best interactions were at the Bon Voyage Breakfast (I have a review floating around here somewhere that details it). We came prepared with something ask each character to facilitate conversation, and my kids brought a cheap hairbrush for Rapunzel and a plastic fork for Ariel. They both made a big deal about it, and it was super cute. As mentioned above, Flynn showed us what was in his satchel when asked. They all spent a lot of time at the table.


I’m going to tell on myself here, but it fits in the story. Back when The Rock was in WWF both my sister and I would watch it. We would watch the whole episode just for him. He was so funny. To be honest, most of his movies are ok, but he is in his element in the ring doing promos. So I am home for Christmas break and my sister and I are watching it in the den. My dad comes in and says “FAKE!” I asked him “So dad, what’s your favorite movie?” He thought a minute and I said “it’s Jurassic Park, isn’t it?” He said, “Well, I’m not sure but I like it.” I told him, “You know it’s fake, right?” and he said “Well sure, but they don’t pretend to tell you it’s real.” I told him they don’t on this either, although they used to.

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When we went in 2016, we did several character meals and took all the pictures with our daughters with the characters, but there wasn’t much conversation. We missed Gaston, but I’m making it a mission to go next Thanksgiving and see him. I’ll also have some items to get my daughters to stir up some conversation.

One of my daughters did ask Snow White who her favorite dwarf was. She said she liked them all equally, but my daughter said she liked Dopey the best.