Your Best Animal Kingdom Tip?

Working on a new feature for the Color Companion. Besides Fastpass+ and arriving early (or late), what’s your best tip for having fun at the Animal Kingdom?

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Animal trails are great when it’s raining. Lots of activity.

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Hi, Len. We took a lunch break, first time at Pizzafari. Didnt seem to get a lot of love on Lines, but I had researched where to have a/c at a CS there without crowds. Plus looked like a nice setting in pics on line.

It was great. AK on a summer afternoon is a very warm (hot) place. The pizza was ok, not the best I’ve ever had. The a/c, setting and peacefulness was heaven. @11;30, no crowds at all.

In fact, while fam cooled off, finished lunch, I was able to hop over to CM with an ipad at store location (cant remember name of store) no line, who helped me straighten out confusion with fpp for nemo show.

Then headed right after to finding nemo, with newly arranged fpp, got to sit in one of front rows with toddlers, who were in happy toddler awe of the show. So very successfull midday on a hot day at AK.


The boneyard is a great place for little ones to burn off energy

Don’t miss the show Flights of Wonder. And get a dollar bill ready right when you get there and you just might get the chance to participate in the show!


Have a dollar (and your camera) ready to hold up quickly at FoW

Food, drinks, and strollers can be brought on the train to Rafikis planet watch

Explore off-path trails for great photo ops, such as trails behind dinosaur.

Talk to the CMs near animals, they are full of interesting info that you probably didn’t know.

DAK is all about details. Taking a shot in the dark here but something in the app- perhaps- that would point out location-based details (eg hidden Mickey’s, chemical formulas for condiments at Dino, Yeti at Everest largest animatronic, additional information about animals you’ll come across on the trails/Safari/etc) would be amazing and most certainly a value add. Easily could carry into other parks too. Likely something that would pull more into the TP family too. Hmm…

If you are making a Personalized Touring Plan for AK, set the Walking Speed to Very Relaxed. As @Sam2071 said, AK is all about details, so you want to make sure you aren’t rushing around. Also, allow extra time for the Exploration Trail and Jungle Trek - two attractions to definitely not rush through!


Know that AK is not about rides, it’s about an immersive environmental experience. Yes it does have some great rides (EE and KS are two of my favorites in all of WDW), but it’s really about being surrounded by animals, plants, and cultures from other continents. I actually approach AK the same way I approach WS in EP. AK is not about “hit the rides and leave”. When I go to AK it’s typically from RD to closing (5:00 PM), and I have never managed to do EVERYTHING in the park in a single day.


One day, I would like to everything but the rides at AK just to soak it all in without feeling like I need to rush to the next thing. That will have to be on an adult-only trip someday, I suppose.

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Take your time and savor the experience. For years, I skipped AK because I saw it as similar to zoos at home and, as a result, kinda boring. I finally went back a couple of trips ago, and I loved it. Coming in with a different perspective changes things in a big way! Instead of thinking about the fact that I could go to the zoo at home for much less money, I decided to come at the experience trying to see how different Disney’s version is. It was a great choice!

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Totally agree! I can never understand people who say that AK is a half-day park. Even having been there multiple times, I can easily spend an entire day and still walk away thinking “Oh no, I forgot to do X!”


I too love everything about AK. As someone who will jump over there for a few hours on a weekend trip I do want to add some tips that have been talked about on other threads. First, trust your touring plan. It is telling you to do Dinoland first for a reason. You will complete that part of your plan very quickly. Also, if you are going just to run to EE, take the right through Dinoland. You will get there ahead of the crowd!

Its become my favorite WDW Park. So much to do and see, if you attrition hunt you can be “done” in half a day. If you actually enjoy the animals there (it is mostly a ZOO!) you have tons to do and its always different. I love taking pictures there as much as going on EE or Primevil Whirl.

Going on Safari in the morning and again in late afternoon or during rain is another whole experience, in terms of which animals you see and which come up close to the truck - so I like to go twice.

The Dawa Bar and the bar in Yak and Yeti are great, i’ve escaped into the Y&Y bar many times during rain and its usually not full or very occupied.

I do tend to eat elsewhere or only snack in AK on our visits. Just not enough of a fan for in park dining in general when 1 mile away is Sanaa, Boma, Mara and Jiko.

If you see a CM by Lion King chat it up with them, we did this last June and she gave us front row seats with in show interaction. So being friendly with a CM there may get you some special treatment.

Wilderness Explorers isn’t just for kids. It’s a great chance to interact with the CMs and learn more about the park and the Animals.

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Does anyone know if all of the walls and construction are impacting any of the trails?

For ride junkies, the single rider line at EE is lightning-fast. I rode 7 times in the first 30 minutes after park opening the other day. Actually, no, don’t put that in the book or more people will use the line!

Agree with other comments re trails and the immersive experience. DiVine is a great part of that.


Not certain, but it seemed to me last week that some of the discovery island trails were inaccessible.

@sdd1841- I didn’t notice any walls/construction few weeks ago. The maharaj and pangani were great as usual. We didn’t have a chance to walk the other trails except for the ones around the entrance.

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We always bring a change of clothes for DS5 to AK. When he’s needs a few moments to release some energy, we have found the fountains near the KRR restrooms to do the trick. He gets soaked from head to toe covering any missed area by the rapids! We also bring a towel to set in the stroller seat for afterwards. He is refreshed and we then head to Asia and grab him a popsicle or ice cream cone. He is quite content while we take turns riding EE.