You won't believe the change Profmatt has made now!

For reasons that are too complicated to go into, I booked Disney After Hours.

But it runs from 10pm-1am. And then I have to get an Uber back to the house I’m staying in.


So — heavily egged on by @OBNurseNH — I booked one night at the Poly instead.



I thought you were going to say you’re going to DisneyLAND. :joy:


I’ve never heard of that. Where is it? Detroit?


Wait, didn’t you post an updated spreadsheet a couple of hours ago? I just got home from work and didn’t even get a chance to look at it. I shouldn’t bother…yet? Notice I am not expressing any shock or surprise?:flushed:


That updated spreadsheet is horribly out of date. It’s hours old.


I feel like we have heard these reasons on a post somewhere.

I really look forward to these changes though. They make me question every one of my plans every time.:joy::joy::joy:

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Too bad you cancelled your throwaway night. You could have just changed the date and saved the penalty… you could have saved the penalty, right?

Let’s pretend that’s not true.


Your “file” on WDW’s server is a disastrous pile of tangled spaghetti.

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Alright I would rearrange plans if DAH just opened up during my trip too. Can’t wait to see the new spreadsheet!

Oh, you shouldn’t say that. The hearts of Detroiters are firmly planted in Sandusky, OH. Cedar Point!

Another good decision! I would absolutely do that if it was available during my trip!

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I have heard nothing but good things about After Hours. on my to do list

I’m somewhat reassured by this. I was going a bit wobbly about having booked it. It’s non-cancellable, so I’m stuck with it.

The idea is to “mop up” popular rides that I don’t have FPPs for and won’t be able to do during the day because I don’t have time and I’m not willing to queue for hours.

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From what I have seen other than the biggies most rides are virtually “walk on”. You can definitely get a lot done in a short amount of time.

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Can I just say how much I enjoy your posts? I love the fact that it makes me know that I am not the only one constantly looking and changing things to give me and my family the best experience for that particular trip.

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Thank you. I appreciate that. I sometimes worry people must think I’m a complete lunatic. I certainly do.


To help alleviate your worry, just know that people DO think you’re a complete lunatic. No wondering about it. That should put your mind at ease. :wink:

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Yes. That’s very helpful, obviously.

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I think you’re one of those detail oriented people that is able to achieve much greater things than I ever could. You also send me on a bit of a rollercoaster ride with the risks you take in your FPP changes. I couldn’t deal with that stress in my own plans, but I admire yours.

Not a lunatic… an exacting person who knows what he wants and how to get it. :slight_smile:

Also, in my opinion, you’ll have an awesome time, because once you’re there, all the planning is done. You get to relax and go with the plan, knowing it’s the best it can be for your goals.

That’s one thing I like about the advanced planning for WDW. I get to relax with the rest of the family, rather than running around hoping for just the right FP tickets or that maybe something will not have a line up. I know what to expect and I’m in the general vicinity of right. It makes it feel much more like it is spontaneous, even though it’s planned, because I’m not stressed out about ‘what comes next’ and I know I’m not missing anything I didn’t want to do without. And I know the family will have a good time, which makes it all the better for me.