You know you are the planner of the group when…

This is me on Haunted Mansion refreshing to get the next Genie+ ride :rofl: (We have 7 people)




Dark comedy.


This is why I dislike this “day of” planning approach. I don’t want to spend the day on my phone. I would much rather spend time on the computer in the weeks ahead of the trip - even if it means clearing my schedule for a morning so I can grab FPP months out.


Great pic for Chapek to use in his next brochure.


And for us planners that was a lot of the fun! Give us our fun back!!


…touring the parks, the family is trailing behind you following like sheep.

(I thought this was a finish the sentence thread) :rofl:


Exactly. This is my approach to all travel. I want to be obsessive BEFORE the trip, so that I don’t have those oh crap moments with no back up plan, or worry that I paid all this money to come here and don’t get to do what I want to do, or getting decision fatigue and giving up… a well thought out, flexible plan with contingencies makes for an amazing vacation. Staring at your phone all day? I can do that at home.


That is occurring too :joy:. I just don’t like that you can’t pick times like you could with FP+.


PERFECT description of the problem with the new system. Instead of obsessively planning beforehand and executing while the family marvels at the smoothness of our trip, they all get to watch me on the phone during. Blah.


That sweatshirt is fantastic though!

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This pic says it all!

When I was at DLR I was trying to time my ILLs (I don’t think you could choose the time at DLR…or if we could, I didn’t know how) so I would stand in line watching the times advance for Rise to get closer to what I wanted and then literally frantically click purchase as we were close to boarding a ride b/c I was sure by the time the ride was over it would have shot past my desired RT time. And then I’d get the dreaded-“input the security code we emailed to you!!!” More than once I stepped aside to let others go in front of us.

I had my 12 year set back up alarms on his phone just in case I missed mine so as to not miss the 2 hour ‘moment of truth’

My family was literally getting assigned our roles on MF when I was pushing send on our mobile order for lunch as I knew our window would be gone if I did it after. FWIW: Going forward I’m doing mobile order while milling about for rope drop of before we leave room. That’s one less stressor / trying to get the family to choose their lunch at 9.30am in queue for a ride!



I rolled my eyes when I saw this.


Well I am unplugged from work. I never look at that email :joy:


This shirt! Ugh. I’m dreading being attached to my phone on vacation. I’m Hoping they change it. I think letting us pick ahead of time would be so much better.


but apparently they love this in California.

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