You know what I want?

I think I have to make myself a spreadsheet or something. Basically, an organized list of EVERYTHING there is to do at Walt Disney World.

Then, I can go through and check off each item I’ve already done at some point in my past and see what’s left to do for future trips.

Of course, as Disney makes changes, the list would need to change. And if something is renovated/refurbished perhaps a second checkbox indicating whether you’ve experienced the latest version or not. (For example, when Test Track was re-done with the Tron-esque look, the spreadsheet would have shown that I’ve been on Test Track, but just not the latest, etc.)

Yeah. That’s what I want.


Oh! I think I have a vision of what that would look like but no idea how to do it. I think people may actually pay for that so if someone creates it- they owe you money.

…and now I have an earworm w/ the Spice Girls singing in my head.


I have done that–kind of. I have a list of current attractions, characters to meet, restaurants, snack carts, tours, special events (but probably not every single one but the main ones that I could find), list of resorts (for us it’s just to visit not stay), and unique recreation-type things at each resort (carriage rides, surreys, fishing, golf, night animal viewing at AKL, mini golf, the void, etc.). I suspect that there are missing items but I’ve tried to include it all. It’s completely unorganized (listed on separate tabs by park and then as other), but really, it wasn’t hard to make. I did not include former and current versions but I can see the appeal of that.

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I made a huge list divvied up by park when we went. It was sorted by what we couldn’t miss, what we hoped to do, etc. I also included shops we wanted to go to and tours we wanted to do. Of course, by the time we were in the parks and I didn’t use it at all haha, it just made me feel better when planning!

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haha! I made mine more for including a few new things each trip, as we’ve done most attractions, a few events, and many restaurants but I like to do new things even if they won’t be a favorite.

I know who they are, but couldn’t tell you anything about their music!

Awesome! Then I can retire in luxury and spend the rest of my days by the poolside at a Walt Disney World resort.

This is probably true. But I could see the appeal of this actually being an app with features where you can sort based on personal priority, etc. The software engineer in me wonders if I should do it. But then I think, who am I kidding! I don’t have time for that. But making the spreadsheet I still might do eventually. I have 891 days to get it done! :slight_smile:


I actually hadn’t bought the Unofficially Guide for a few years but just bought it last year for this purpose. I went through and highlighted all the things I have never done and was surprised at just how much there was!

I’m not an big fan or anything, just lived through them being all over the radio enough to be able to have the song be an earworm.

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They were popular in my teen/college years. But I wasn’t one who listened to too much radio. Probably if I heard one of their songs, I’d recognize it. But I couldn’t tell you anything they did. In those days, I was mostly into movie/musical soundtracks and big band music. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what happened to me when I read the title.

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