You can't ship stuff ahead of time to a resort, can you?

I’m 99% sure that I already know the answer, but wanted to triple-check myself. There is no way to ship, say, a box of clothes to a resort, that will be held and then delivered to your room upon your arrival?

We (family of five) are daisy-chaining a trip to WDW with a trip to Minnesota this Xmas. As you might guess, we will need two very different sets of clothing for our trip. Rather than haul the WDW clothes with us to Minnesota (where they won’t be needed) and then haul the Minnesota clothes down to Orlando (whey they won’t be needed), we were thinking about shipping the Orlando clothes ahead of time, if possible, to possibly save on baggage fees and, more to the point, avoid hauling unneeded clothes around for the first leg of our trip.

Preeeetty sure the resort won’t hold onto a box like that for us, but could I be wrong? If I am right, any other ideas on how to pull this off?

You could call the resort and ask how many days in advance they will accept a package just to be sure. Also, depending on which resort, some only accept at the business centers which are open weekdays only. Some accept packages at the Front Desk. Ask about that too.

But…could you ask someone back home to deliver your package to UPS or FedEx on a designated time that would have it arrive the day you get to WDW?

Hi. I have read several sites where they recommend shipping things ahead of time. They do suggest calling the resort you will be staying at to make sure you have the exact address for shipping. They will hold it for a period of time. We are considering something similar so I have been looking into it. Best of luck and have a great trip.

We’ve done it - we had Amazon Prime shipped to the resort. I know the resorts that are convention centers have a charge for holding a package (maybe $10?), but the others are fine with it. You may have to ask for it at the front desk or bell service desk.

You can absolutely ship. Here is a good link.

Well, then. I’m glad I asked. Thank you all!

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You’ll have no problem! I had a pretty huge box from Amazon Prime Pantry delivered about 10 days before my stay. Disney held onto it, and before I could even ask at check in, the CM behind the desk said “Oh! And your package arrived! We’ll have that delivered to your room with your luggage when it gets here.”. It was great.