Yikes! Kids menus

I have just started looking over the menus at some of the different places we were hoping to eat. My children tend to be picky. I however had hoped to eat at some of the nicer restaurants. I was dismayed to see the kids menu at BOG. There is nothing that either of my kids will eat on the menu. Are there any of the restaurants that have ‘typical’ kids menu items while allowing the adults to dine on more than typical quick service menus?

I would bet most have chicken of some sort. Or you can do what we do and feed the kid(s) something else beforehand then let them order dessert at the restaurant instead of regular food.

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Will your kids eat mac n cheese or grilled cheese? Those are both on the menu for dinner. My daughter has liked the turkey, pasta and grilled cheese options at lunch. Maybe a buffet would be a better option like 1900 Park Fare? Liberty Tree is always good too.

DD5 and DS3 did not like BOG food at all. Good luck.

my super picky son had a grilled cheese sandwich at BOG that was fine. I think they had some sort of pasta that my daughter had .

A lot of the restaurants have kid sized pizza. Mine also hated the choices at BOG, but the dessert more than made up for them having to choke down their grilled cheese sandwiches.

Thanks! Neither one of mine will eat a grilled cheese at the present time. We are working with professionals to expand my ds’s diet. My dd is much more flexible right now and will likely eat something. Fingers crossed by the time it is to make the reservations we will have a much improved diet.

My kids only ate the cupcakes there

Melany, that is what I think may happen too… sigh. I would have hoped that Disney would have at least one typical picky kid’s menu item per restaurant (i.e. Spaghetti, hot dogs, nuggets, pizza) so that the parents can enjoy the variety of restaurants.

Are you looking at lunch or dinner? My son is on the spectrum and is a pretty picky eater. He ate grilled cheese at lunch and had plain pasta with butter for dinner. He will not eat mac and cheese and WDW becuase it is not Kraft (and he just started eating Karft mac and cheese within the past year.) What does he like to eat?

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I was looking at both. Right now he is eating chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza, meatballs, and teriyaki broccoli. Sometimes he will eat spaghetti. I just find it so unimaginable that I can go to almost every restaurant in our area and find one of those menu items and yet at a place that caters to kids you can’t?

They do have the pasta. That is one of the items I mentioned that my daughter liked. Maybe he would like it? They have it at lunch.

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