Yikes! I just added up my Disney Cost so far


Rookie mistake.

Never add up the total cost of a WDW holiday or you’ll never sleep again.


I try to overestimate so I can celebrate the little victories when I save on something like airfare. I try not to acknowledge the total or speak it out loud. :wink:


I’m sure you meant the OP, but I forgot to mention we have 8 nights and 8 hotel days.


6 nights. And I dropped one night from last year to save on cost. And skipped the dining plan kcause I thought it would save us $$. Last year I was able to book a DVC for the entire stay, but they didn’t have TBC V availability so I had to book on line at rack rate. That added $500. But we really loved the ability to walk to Epcot. The first half were at BLT. So I know, high end resorts mostly to appease my husband.


Well, based on that… have you considered upgrading someone’s ticket to annual pass?

  • 10% discount on most (if not all, I can’t remember) table service food for the party (cause there’s 4 of you)
  • 10%-20% off merch
  • Memory Maker included ($169 savings if you were definitely going to buy it)
  • Allow you to get the Tables In Wonderland thing (I think it’s like $150) which then gives you 20% discount at a LOT of food areas (more than the AP).

I know you have the dining plan, so you’ll need to run the numbers, but this might save you a bit?


You’ll just have to make it up with those refillable mugs. :smiley:
Definitely look into the single AP value as @Randall suggests.

Try out my Worth it To Upgrade spreadsheet if you haven’t already.

Can try going the rewards credit card route, my other post has detail on my outcome last year.


No dining plan this time. I never considered that bc it’s only our 2nd trip ever and we will only go every few year. My son moved up to adult pricing which sucks bc he eats like a bird.


Thank you, I’ll look into that. I did the cc last time. I’ve racked up $200 in rewards. So almost up to paying for HDDR :slight_smile:


If just doing the Disney Visa: useful to know that if you have had it more than 24 months (I’d make sure you have a few months buffer just in case) you can cancel the card and reapply immediately and get the sign on reward again. (I did that last year.)

Also, spouses can refer each other for their own card and get the $50 referral. (Even if spouse is a stay at home Mom, did it with my wife.)

Also, I haven’t done this, but have read you can get BOTH the regular and premium versions of the Disney Visa and get the reward on both. Might all need some research, but can be worth it!


Oh sorry, I thought the refillable mugs were DDP stuff.


Oh it’s even better now. Pretty sure it’s a $100 referral. (or did it change again?)


We love them,so we’ll pay OOP for them. I feel like maybe I should have gotten the dining plan at this point, but I don’t think this lady allowed it. Last time we rented we knew the guy and he purchased the dining plan for us. I might ask her.


Did you get a room discount of some kind? If not then keep an eye out for one through Disney or consider free dining. We booked through MVT so did not utilize either option but did consider.


Cool! I have to get back on the wagon and update my notes!


Well our first half we booked DVC through owner, so that’s done. We did The Beach Club villa through Disney, but since it’s November there are no rooms at all left. It’s only 2 nights and I think free dining was 3 or more and not at DVC. I contemplated moving elsewhere, but even SS or OKW would only save us about $250-300. And that walk to Epcot, it’s just wonderful.


You are right. For free dining you need a minimum of 4 nights. I almost booked a free dining package for YC. It would have been a good deal because it offered a regular dining plan (1TS, 1QS. 2snacks) vs the moderates and value only offer the QS dining plan.
Staying at YC or BC is on my list of must dos! But the kids really want to spend some time in UOR and so we are planning on only 3 nights at Disney.


Ryan had a good point in that ranting post. I’m choosing to do all these expensive things. The kids have never even heard of HDDR, so I can save that till the next trip. We can bump RFC and DS to arrival day and pay for it with Disney rewards. $240 saved. I already bought the Christmas party and that is a huge expense. I don’t need these extras! Plus my kids barely eat and I can’t eat milk, and possible gluten so my meals are never any good anyway. Ok, I’m seeing the light, I think. It’s hard to talk yourself off that money train.


That seams high we use Petsmart it costs maybe $30 a day but not all Petsmarts board. I would shop around you should be able to save at least $100 on a 7 or 8 night stay for your dog.


That is the hardest part for me! Maybe because we are new to Disney so only know dessert parties, holiday parties, etc. I am trying to look at the real price of things and decide if i really want to spend x hundreds of dollars for my family to eat here or see this show. If I look at it in those terms then my answer is often no! We have so many other things to experience and keep us busy in the parks that I don’t need to book in these extra things. Then I will have more time for us to enjoy some of the other things that already come with our tickets.

I had gone somewhat nuts trying to book ADRs for TH today- it was my 180day!- (had to split our party and use DHs MDE to book for us too). But now am wondering if we would be better off to eat at Harambe market (we LOVED it last time) and get a FP to meet Mickey and MInnie at the Outpost in their holiday wear. Similar result for a lot less money.


It is really dependent on where you live. For us, that is a reasonable price. But I am a veterinarian and am also very picky about where I will leave our dog. Going for trust over cost savings is worth it in this case.