Yet another Wishes FP question

I know this has been covered in great, great, GREAT detail, but I cannot find a response to my particular question, so my apologies in advance. If we have a FP for Wishes, can we just sit right outside the FP area to watch the parade and then move inside? If so, how early should we plan to arrive for the parade to get a spot in that location on a CL 6 day? And, if that works, am I crazy to use a FP for Wishes since we will already have a good spot for the parade? My kids are little, so we won’t be doing lots of headliners, and I really cannot stand being packed in like sardines, so a Wishes FP would normally make a lot of sense for me. Just trying to figure out how to do it with the parade. Thank you all so very much for tolerating another question on this topic!

You can stand close but I believe you would have to move up closer to the edge of the sidewalk. Do you have a Wishes FO?