Yet another Uber question

I did some searching but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for – here’s my question: if we’re staying at the Yacht Club, do I even need a rental car? And if not, will uber be as efficient as I hope it will be?

Backstory: last November, we rented a car, which worked out super well. We were staying at the GF, and it was so convenient to be able to be on our own schedule, and to go to places like Jiko for dinner, etc. etc. But this time, we’ll be at the YC, which obviously connects to Epcot and HS by boat. My travel buddy (DTB?) has some mobility issues, so long walks and waits are something I want to avoid, since he gets tired and sore quickly.

I’m thinking that we’ll be taking the boat to HS and Epcot, and the bus to the MK, since it drops you off right in front. Money isn’t the issue here, but in looking at our itinerary, I don’t think we need a rental car. Right? Or is it still worth it to have a car and not have to wait for the buses/boats? (Though – taking the tram in the parking lots, not to mention remembering where you parked, is no small feat…)

If we were to uber to the Contemporary, do we need to have a reservation? Or will they let in ubers regardless? Also, where do you get dropped off if you uber to the AK?


I can’t speak for Uber as I do not believe in their business policies and procedures.

But I had no issues with Lyft a couple of weeks ago.

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Good point – I should have said uber/lyft; I try to use Lyft first, since I’m in agreement that they’re definitely the better company…

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I loved having a car in january at Pop. So I looked into a car for April (and I could get a $6/day SUV yesterday on Hotwire). But we are staying Poly so like you I feel it’s unnecessary this time. I would feel similarly at BC/YC I think

@OBNurseNH I need your tricks!! You can’t beat $6 a day for a SUV!!! Wow!!! I very much would do this!!!

I’m pretty new to Uber/Lyft so what makes Lyft better? They were going to be my first choice but curious.

Just do a search for your dates. Don’t take any of the offers and agree to be notified of price drops.

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How can you be sure you don’t get stuck with one of the bad rental places? I’ve read such bad reviews of some of them that I get too nervous to book when I look at Hotwire!

I guess I’m willing to take that chance. Got Thrifty last time. Meh.

I know that last April when we tried to Lyft/Uber to Contemporary for an early morning, we were turned away as we didn’t have a reservation for room or dining. I am not sure what has been happening more recently.

It is very inconsistent and IMO not worth the risk. For MK without dining res do a Minnie Van

Ok that makes sense. What about getting an uber from the Contemporary going away from the MK? Will they let in Uber/Lyft to pick passengers up there?

If you walk over and have your Uber get you from there, I don’t see why not. They would have to get you out front of the resort, not near the gate.

I walked to BL and had my lyft pick me up from the front entrance and I had no issues.