Yet another resort vs hotel debate... Your opinions wanted!

After considering everyone’s (unanimous) input, I have decided to go with Pop. I’m not giving up my Doubletree reservation just yet, I want to make sure our transportation is settled first. But I am feeling much better about staying at Pop! Thank you, everyone!!!


I haven’t stayed on property since 1995. Having said that, considering your scenario, I’d definitely choose staying at Pop over DoubleTree. We also love Disney Springs, but the Disney resorts have buses to Disney Springs, so it isn’t a huge deal. (Although, I can see the appeal of just walking over to DS for a dinner, etc.)

Once you are there, however, will you really find yourself MOST OFTEN in the vicinity of DS versus the parks? I’m guessing not, so the locality of DT to DS doesn’t seem likely a significant advantage.

As mentioned, the rooms may be smaller at Pop, but you will spend a vast majority of your time OUTSIDE of the room.

We are avid off-property people due to the cost savings. But we also have a car with us, so transportation really isn’t an issue. But I’m not sure I’d like NOT having a car and having to rely on the shuttle…ESPECIALLY considering it isn’t even cheaper.

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Oh. I guess I should have read all the way through before responding. :slight_smile:

That’s okay, I really enjoy reading everyone’s reasoning. It helps to reassure me that I’m not making a horrible mistake. Of course, DH keeps telling me to stop worrying so much, it’s Disney and we’ll have a great time… I know he’s right, but he’s not the one doing all the planning, lol.


DoubleTree did last July -$22/ night if memory serves. Small lot, too. We could see lots of hunting for a space. Valet was $27, so we opted to let Bell Services find a spot for our vehicle.

sounds to me like you have done your homework…kudos. Tough call BUT if transportation is this issue, I would go with Disney Springs resort and do Uber or Lyft. Having given my totally worthless opinion, DH and I staying at BLT renting DVC points, and this all has bonus points, but it’s not for everyone and I am sure you can have a great vacay

Wow. That’s more expensive than value hotels!

Yes. We were splitting our stay this trip between CBR and the DoubleTree. And looking forward to the DT portion. The CBR stay was a repeat (stayed there in 1990) which we were in because it provided the room only military discount and since for five guests.

We hadn’t enjoyed CBR the first time. Were surprised that we enjoyed CBR far more than DT. Mostly due to magic bands and Disney buses which my sister’s granddaughter claims is the best ride at WDW.

The parking at CBR last year was I think cheaper than DT.

Have you done a FULL side by side cost comparison?
Include cost from airport/hotel and give yourself a daily uber/lyft budget.

When I do this, I find that staying on site is always cheaper for us - at this stage of our lives, and only being a family of 3.

Approximately, yes. We don’t have to pinch every penny for this trip, and I started planning and saving early this year. We can easily afford either option, but Disney is expensive enough that I balk at paying what feels to me to be a ridiculous amount of money for a hotel room (I’d love to stay at a deluxe resort sometime, but not at the prices Disney routinely charges. I would feel guilty about it, and wouldn’t enjoy it much).

The cost for either option is within a small enough margin for me that I am fine with either one, budget wise. I guess I didn’t realize that the renovations to Pop helped that much. I’m use to hearing about the value resorts as being noisy, cramped, and stuffed full of people constantly. We don’t like to vacation that way, so we decided DS might be a better option. But if the room feels roomy, especially with the extra bed kept up, and the majority of people feel that the noise levels weren’t too bad, then I think I’d like to experience staying on site at least once.

DH just keeps saying that I’m overthinking it, and we’ll have a great time no matter where we stay. I know he’s right, but I second-guess myself so much sometimes, lol.