(Yet) Another Memory Maker share for September

I just made arrangements for my next visit to WDW (September 3-9) and wondered if anyone wanted to do a Memory Maker share? I know there have been a couple already arranged for early/mid September already but if anyone else (like me) missed out on earlier shares get in touch!

I’d like to do one. My dates are a bit earlier though. August 22-27.

Let me know,

Hi, 8/28-9/5 we would be interested. Let us know the next steps, if enough people are interested…

That could work! Hopefully we can get a few more takers and then we can discuss the logisitcs!

There are a couple of ways we can communicate to put the MM together. Either through email or facebook or even by phone if that is prefered. I am happy to buy the MM and create an MDE account for it then we would all need to friend that account. I can accept the individual payments via paypal. As far as I am aware you can not choose which pictures to download. You have to download them all and then delete the ones you don’t want. The MM will start on the date of the first parties visit and expire 30 days later so those involved can visit anytime in that 30 day window. Sound good?

If you guys can ask around if you know of anyone else that may want to join, especially as @Kitkatt Kitkatt needs to be in the parks and getting ‘snapped’ by Aug 22

I’ll be there 9/18-20 and would be interested.

thats great @cheesekids, so that is 4 of us right now (if everyone is still on board), 5-6 would be optimum but right now with 4 sharing we should be looking around $45 each. Lets set up an email chain if that works for everyone? PM me your email and I can set up a chain so we can all communicate together…unless you would prefer a facebook group??

Hi Jacob,
I think I sent you at PM…if you don’t have it let me know, thank you!

Sounds great! So excited My email minx1171@yahoo.com. I may know of another person. I’ll Reach out to them and let you know asap

Hey all! I am about to send everyone a group email…

We are definitely not ‘full’ yet so if anyone else is reading this and wants to join please feel free to get in touch

PS. @swilkins yes I did get your PM!!

I asked the other person and they aren’t interested. So it’s just us.

Ok well thanks for trying @Kitkatt
I think we should leave the group open for around a week and hopefully pick up a couple more members before we start collecting cash etc.
Lets keep the group conversation alive so it doesn’t fall down the forum hierarchy. Hopefully by next week we will have a couple more takers!

I posted a link to two other people in another thread who might want to participate. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have a coworker going on these dates, I’ll hit her up tomorrow!

We already have a couple drop out so we definitely need help!

I posted something on the August Liners FB page saying we are looking for a couple more people. Hopefully someone will respond.


Hi, we are interested. Our dates are a bit earlier, 8/17-19. We aren’t sure if that is too early and how the share works. We’ll check this site or can be reached at alisonmiceli@hotmail.com.

-Alison and John

I apologize to you all for this but unfortunately I have to pull out of this group despite being the one to start it.

I have just had some bad news from work today and unfortunately I am not going to be able to visit WDW after all in September. I am now hoping I can get back my deposits on hotels I have already booked etc. :frowning:

I of course am going to leave the group open so you all may be able to continue on without me for this share and if I can offer any advice at all please feel free to ask.

facebook message is fine too. Thanks!