Yet another Memory Maker question

I have two trips planned… one mid-Feb. and one early April. I tried reading on the Disney site, but the information is rather vague. Another website says that “you can take pics for up to 30 days after the first time you download a photo to your account and then Memory Maker photos must be downloaded within 45 days of the first day you download pics (translation: if you time it right, you could get up to 75 days of use out of Memory Maker).” Is this the case? Does this mean that I could use one memory maker for both trips? I would really appreciate if anyone could clarify for me. Thanks!

The short answer is yes.

The explanation behind it, it this: Each picture will stay in your Photopass account for 45 days before expiring. Memory Maker allows you to download the pictures in your account for 30 days from the first download. During the 30 day period, you can add additional photos to your account and download those also. So, if your first photo is taken on Feb 15, it will expire on April 1. If you do your first download on March 31, you have until April 30th to take additional photos and complete all your downloads before MM expires.

If you choose to pre-purchase MM, you must wait 72 hours before it is active. If you choose to purchase the $199 version, even photos currently in your account will be included and you still have 30 days from your first download.

Hope that helps

That helps a lot! Thanks so much for your answer. I have already purchased the memory maker for my first trip, so I am glad to know that I can get more use out of it. Thanks again!