Yet another FPP question: Lots of people

I’ve been doing some additional (extra credit) reading about FPP selection. But something I’m a bit concerned about, particularly for our May 2020 trip, when it comes to not just initial FPP selection, but in-park FPP availability has to do with size of the group.

We will technically be two “groups” trying to be together most of the time. First is DW, DS17, DD16, DS10, and myself. Second would be DS21 and his wife. For the most part, I figure my son and his wife will have to worry about their our FPPs. After all, it is their vacation…they can do what they want! At the same time, we’re fairly close-knit, so I expect we’ll spent a majority of the time together.

So, would it be easier to obtain FPPs in batches? Perhaps find overlapping, but not congruent, FPPs for 3 of us and then 2 of us. Or, will finding FPPs for 5 people (day-off FPPs) be easy enough?

If there is a FPP available for 3 from 2:00 to 3:00, and a FPP available for the same ride from 2:30 to 3:30, we could get two sets of FPPs and just show up in the overlapping window (2:30 to 3:00).

This seems to make the entire endeavor even MORE of a game than it already is, though. I’d rather not have to micromanage my FPPs that way!

I’d probably try for the 5 first of all, and if you can’t get them, then try for the 3/2 split.

We were able to get some day-of FPs for large groups in November (up to 10 of us at a time), for the less popular rides. I remember adding Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh same day. I was kind of surprised but happy it worked out!

I just did FP for 10 people last week with 4 “party’s”. I was able to get fast passes for all of us for the times I planned on. Now I’m 30 days out so was a bit limited but had been watching for about a month and had a pretty good idea about the times that would be available so I had set up my plan accordingly. (For example was pretty sure I wouldn’t get NR in the morning) I did have to split up thunder mountain into 2 groups one of 6 and one 4 and then work on modifying to move the times together. I had one other fast pass that I had to book and then modify about 6 times to keep moving up the time to get it where I wanted.

You could get access to your son and wife’s account and set up the inital FP at the same time and then leave it up to them to keep or modify as they want. I have access to everyone in my group. My Dad has access to him and my mom. My BIL has access to his family. To do this the easiest way was to call and have Disney help set up the accounts accordingly. It was a mess trying to link up ourselves via email invites. I did make the call when I had all parties together so we could pass the phone and give Disney the needed personal info to link up so you might need to conference in the other party if you don’t live near each other.

I have 5 in my family. This past May I started looking for 5 first, then moved to 3 and 2 with overlapping times. For PPF, I had to do 2, 2, and 1. I grabbed whatever time I could get for each group and methodically moved them to overlapping times. In most cases it didn’t take long. The longest was getting PPF, maybe 15-20 minutes for that one. I was in a line anyway, so it didn’t effect our touring.

Okay, thanks everyone. I guess I’ll go with the try the easy way first, then the overlapping method later if necessary.

I had a similar situation with my SIL and niece/nephew last year. I booked all the FPP together and then when we were at the parks we barely saw each other. They took control of their FPP and changed all of them (last minute) without disturbing ours. They had no idea about the value of the 7DMT and FOP FPP that they dropped. Oh well. I guess they weren’t valuable to them, and hopefully it made some other family very very happy. :slight_smile:

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“Oh. Well, it wasn’t really our style, so we donated it to the local thrift shop and bought ourselves something from IKEA.”

“Did you remove the $10,000 I had hidden under the bottom drawer, first? It was the whole reason I gave you the dresser!”

Blank stare



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Ryan you are worrying about a trip that is about 500 day away. I would worry that they change the fast pass process before your trip.


No point in worrying about that which I have no control. You’re right. Could happen. But in the meantime, it might not. If things change, I’ll adapt. Kind of makes it fun. Otherwise, what in the world am I supposed to do to fill the next 500 days! (Ahem. 472 days now!)

Hmm. Just realized. It is less than 499 days. I thought rooms were opened up at 499 days at Disney, but it still won’t let me select dates beyond December 31.

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You have to call. You can’t book online for anything in 2020 until they release packages, probably in June. I have my room only already booked for May 2020. I plan on switching them to a package when they come out.

I don’t know I’ve redone my HS day 4 times in the last week while MK and Epcot I did once and have not needed to touch yet. I had stopped watching U-Tube and now I need to catch up so I’ve been busy. DW keeps thanking me for doing all the planing so that help to keep me going.

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Ah. So no way to comparison shop without calling? I mean, I have to call and say, “What is the cheapest room you can get me that sleeps 5 people on Saturday, May 9?”

Yes, but the actual prices are not set in stone until they are officially released in Juneish.

Interesting. So you book a room unsure of the price.

Problem is, I can’t even see THIS YEAR’s price as a guide because the corresponding rooms are booked. :frowning:

I hate calling. I wonder if chat works?

They gave me 2019’s price. My down payment was the cost of 1 night. It may go up some when they release 2020’s.

Okay. Thanks. I’ll have to work up the courage to call them.

I tried Chat. It really didn’t help. They won’t discuss prices, and the suggestion they gave in how to figure out pricing of resorts using the website didn’t work. So, I guess a phone call is the only option.