Yet another annual pass question...FP+

So, in May 2020, I’ll buy tickets for everyone except myself. I plan to get myself an annual pass, which of course I won’t actually activate until probably the day before we head to the parks.

But this got me thinking about scheduling Fast Passes. Is it possible to schedule the fast passes for a not-yet-activated annual pass? It occurred to me that while I can put the tickets into MDE for everyone else, I don’t know if I can for myself!


Once you purchase it will be linked to your MDE account. Since you will be offsite you will be limited to 7 days. You should buy as soon as possible to lock in a price.

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7 days? Usually it is 30 days for off site. You mean those with an annual pass get fewer FP days than those with normal tickets?

You can make them at 30 days but you can only hold 7 days of FPs.

Ah! Okay. That’s fine. I misunderstood.

We’re only doing, at most, 6 days on this trip anyhow.

Thanks to both your responses, @PrincipalTinker and @AuntB_luvsDisney.

If you’re staying onsite, then the annual pass will let you book for your length of stay. Since it sounds like you’re offsite you’re limited to the 7 days. Just make sure you buy the annual pass early enough to hit your FP window (30 or 60 days), although it won’t be activated until you do so at guest services prior to first use.