Yesterday's performance question

Just curious - on the website, can you see their prediction vs. actual for “yesterday”? I can see it when I link through the Lines app, but I don’t see the numbers on the website, just the wait times comparison.

For example, for yesterday, November 8th, it looks like they predicted overall crowds of 5 and actual was 7. But I don’t see that on the website.

Also curious if that data is available historically, or just for yesterday? Overall, the crowd calendar seems quite off this fall (possibly due to Irma and such) but I was curious historically how the crowd level numbers compared and couldn’t find them.

It’s here:

I always do it from the app:

Go to home page on the bottom there is a link to the crowd calendar

On the bottom there is a link to the complete calendar


You can then expand it

Thanks! Not sure why I couldn’t find that on the website myself LOL.

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