Yes or No - Add 7DMT to the MVMCP and MNSSHP plans?

What do y'all think - should we add 7DMT to the party plans?

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Why not? I went on 7dmt during the party on 9/1 twice. During the second parade the wait was less than 10 min.

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It is popular enough, also I am sure some people will want to ride before/after they see the 7 dwarves

I'd say yes - should be a good chance to ride with less of a wait and I plan to do it during MVMCP just to get the opportunity to see the queue.


Having not ridden it, is there anything about the ride that would make it better if ridden during party hours (other than shorter lines)?

When working out what to do during a party other than the party-specific events, I first focus on attractions that have some additional appeal at night (for example, Astro Orbiter is really cool at night, especially during fireworks). Next I consider headliners where I would get a significant wait time savings, especially ones where I would want to experience queue elements that are bypassed by the FPP queues.

Yes please.

I had already printed my plans for 9/14 so didn't realize this existed Thanks @Lentesta this is GREAT!!!

Yes, it is a much better ride at night. Like Big Thunder the ride is different day/night. I was talking to my son the other day and we both said we would check the times during the parties but I did not use a FPP on it for my next trip.

On a related note. I am making a TP for the Tuesday, November 14th MVMCP
and the party goes to midnight, but TP time window only goes to 11:00.
Any thoughts?

I just checked mine for MNSSHP and that ends by 10:00. In my case it is that I did not select enough attractions or events for the plan. Could that be it? Are you done with everything?

I was trying to say that TP only always me to choose 11:00 as the park closing even though it also says the party is over at midnight. The drop down menu for selecting your window for the TP stops at 11 not midnight.

My bad, 12:00am is on the top of the drop down menu.

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Yes. Only going for the party and kids and mom will want to ride 7dmt during mnsshp. It is currently in TP between 4-7. Also interested in seeing A&E during the party. Can't get any FPP for either.

I am curious, as this will be my first MNSSHP, how were the rides selected for the party plan? Are they attractions that you can save the most time from other days by doing during party. The inclusion of Philharmagic and Laugh Floor made me wonder about it.

Yes, planning a trip in mid-Dec and the visit to MK will be during the Christmas party. Not planning to visit during the day. I assume the 7DMT line will be the lowest during the late hours of the party. Would like to confirm that is what your experience reflects.