Yes another tipping question

I’ll be staying at DASS and taking the buses every were, I’ll be using a ECV. I know this takes time loading and unloading. Do I or should I tip the driver and if so how much?

Per this TP blog post, you do not tip WDW transportation drivers

I think that this is because they are considered “in park” Cast Members who are not allowed to accept tips.

No need to tip. Nice that you want to - just be pleasant and thank the attendant.

If they go out of their way to help you, you can get their name and give them a good report at Guest Services. You can also call or e-mail. I’m still looking for the Twitter you can use. I know I heard about that somewhere. All of these praises (or complaints) go into their “file” and can be helpful when it’s time for a transfer or promotion.

Send an email or place a call to Disney World guest communications.

Phone number: 407-824-4321


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I believe Twitters is @WDWToday - use #CastCompliment.

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I knew someone would have it! Thanks @Damavs