YeeHawBob? What can you tell me?

I have come across mention of Yee Haw Bob at PO-R in various forums. Since we’ll be staying at PO-R, I’m interested…
Can you all please tell me what this is? Is it a dining show? Would it be appealing to children (DD10)? If so, do we make reservations like we would for any dining? What time is the show? Would it count towards our table service credit on the DDP?

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Check out this TP Blog post

Excellent. Fun. Definitely appealing to children (my DS was 11 when we saw Bob for the first time.)

Bob’s show is in the River Roost Lounge which has a menu of typical appetizers/“bar menu” so food is available. Although they sell alcohol, it is definitely not a bar. It is really an open space adjacent to the the TS restaurant. No dining plan at the River Roost but the table service and food court restaurants are in the same hallway.

Yehaa Bob has a website. On it you can find his schedule.

What else would you like to know?

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Thanks! Great info.
I think you’ve both covered all I can think of for now. I was reviewing our dining reservations and thought maybe I need to make a reservation for this dinner show. But it doesn’t seem to be that. We’ll have to check it out. Sounds like fun! Looks like the shows start at 8:30. Did you need to arrive early?

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I will add too that it is so much fun! It does get really crowded. My DD14 and I had to grab bar stools because it was full for the first show. We arrived around starting time. I’d get there early. It clears out after the first show but then you are up late.

@Gussy30 There are usually two shows. Each is about 1 1/4 hours long. Very energetic. Bob takes a break in between shows to talk to guests. The last show ends at 11:45 ish.

Crowds and what time you show up? That depends on the time of year. In early December we showed up 30 minutes before the first show, to make sure we got a seat, and were sitting in the very front of the area. 15 minutes before show time there were still good seats available but at about 10 minutes to go it was standing room only. When the parks are more crowded, from what I understand, 30 minutes early is a good arrival time.

Thanks for pointing out Yehaa Bob. There is so much I would have missed had it not been for the TP community!

It sounds like fun. We’re not going to any of the parks on the day we arrive at POFQ, so this might be a nice treat after dinner.

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Thanks! You all are such a helpful source for information. I have learned so much on the forum.
Sounds like this show is one to add to our plans :slight_smile:

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