YC room

@MagicMN I know you were/are doing a YC stay. We have never stayed at YC. What type of room would you suggest? Is there a particular floor/wing that is better. Looked at room views but having a hard time knowing which without ever being there.

I think from Chat you have booked a garden view? The deal at YC / BC is that not only are the hallways long, they zig and zag.

I like 1st floor rooms because there is no waiting for an elevator. The trade off is you’re on the first floor. If you are OK on the 1st floor, I like rooms 1147-1153 the odd number rooms that open to the walkway into the resort from the lake side. You are close to the main pool & gift shop (food). There is an external entry door near room 1011 which is handy to leave / return. But it’s a walk to the lobby.

When you look at the room map on Touring plans, once you get to the 3rd floor, the rooms on the far right (3215 to the right) are set back from the edge of the building very far and you will overlook the rooftop which is TERRIBLE!

Your main decision points are: 1) Do you want 1st floor for the convenience? I always go 1st floor at YC/BC if I didn’t book lagoon or club because it’s so much more convenient and I am not concerned with privacy. 2) Do you want to see the lake / boardwalk etc - there is a lot of energy and movement on the lake side of the building. I go back and forth on this one, but the kinetic energy of the area is kinda fun but 3) if you want quiet, I REALLY like rooms that overlook / close to the quiet pool. Especially in the summer we always swim before bed to cool off from the day. The quiet pool is open 24hr so midnight swims are nice. The laundry is also locate there. 1088 since it’s near the lobby / gift shop will be y next pick. I was in 3131 last week and wont do that again. The courtyard it overlooked was cramped and really not worth it.

If you don’t have a water view room I would choose the room based on convenience. But we stay there frequently, have done the view thing and now prefer it for location alone.

I don’t think that helped at all and I know you already picked a room. Walking to Epcot and DHS is really nice. We walked to and from DHS last weekend and beat the boat both times. It’s not too far and a nice walk.

We LOVED WL and will go back there soon. We ended up out on one of the wings facing the pool and next time I would prefer closer to the lobby or a woods view. We are going back June 25-29th. Matthew is IN LOVE with MDU’s daughter Abbie and it’s a date weekend for those two to be together. Are you staying at WDW through the 4th of July? We will head to the cabin, decorate the boat for the parade. But last year 4th in WDW was AWESOME! Beyond busy, but really fun.

I will be interested in your take on YC. It’s very different than the vibe at WL (which I think might be the best on property - close to MK but removed, quiet and serene).

I babble. Safe travels, happy vacation!


Thanks so much for all the info. I definitely think that we will switch to request first floor. Would not have done that without your info, so great to know.

Really glad to hear that you liked WL, I know that awhile back you were hesitant due to the fact that it might remind you too much of the north woods. We love it there. Like you said, you are in the loop, but it feels like you are so far from everything when you are there.

We will just miss you, we are staying at WDW from July 3-12, so we will be there the 4th. Pretty cool with you and MDU setting that trip up. Ha.

We are having a hard time finding the time to get to the lake this summer. It is looking like the only time we will have to get up there would be end of July beginning of Aug, but not sure we can swing it yet.

Thanks again for the info,


I really think some of the fun is switching resorts - like a whole new vacation. Crew’s cup is the only place around there that has later / after Illuminations food which might be good to know. When you get there, take a look at the resort map - the doors at the end of the wings / hallways are almost all entrances and that might help with your walking. At the pool Hurricane Hannahs at the bar and the quick service counter right next to it have two different menus so check both if you’re looking for food.

Wishing you a magical and fabulous vacation!