YC or BW? Pool does not matter

I have stayed YC water view and loved it. Never stayed BW. For my upcoming trip, YC only has garden view available, but BW has BW/water view. Anyone stayed at both (or just one) and can give insight into which you would choose? Two adults, no kids - and pool really does not matter.

I think Yacht Club is the cream of the crop at Boardwalk so I would say that, especially for adults. Either way you are a few minute walk from one or the other! YC has no real QS in its lobby have to go to BC one, but every other restaurant at YC is wonderful. YC has one of the best Lobbys at WDW and to me seems quietest overall. BW has some cool lounges and all the food places are out on the Boardwalk anyway. I also love the music of Boardwalk, but it does seem to be much busier overall.

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I have stayed at the Epcot resorts. I think I prefer looking at, and visiting Boardwalk to staying there. It’s a pretty twisty / turning hotel inside. In fairness I have more food experience at BC / YC. I really like Captains Grille and Hurricane Hanna’s is a legit food option

With a Yacht Club garden view I would request near the pool which will mean quiet pool. I prefer first floor rooms at YC and BC to avoid the need to use the elevators - makes for easier access. Near a quiet pool means quiet swims at 1am pre bed which is nice. One of my all time favorite room experiences was a garden view at BC near the quiet pool that faced the woods. It was very nice.

Boardwalk will feel more in the middle of the show.

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Haven’t stayed at either, but I would choose BW because I like the feeling of being in the middle of things and nightlife is important to me. BW is also closer to EP.

Boardwalk is my favorite Disney Resort. The theming is great and you’re right on top of the nightlife, much of which is geared towards adults. It’s nice having a couple adult only options in WDW and BW is a short crawl back to your room after a night out.

Would choose BW, with BW view. Love looking over Crescent Lake at theYC/BC.