YC or BC since refurb?

Hello all!

We have a standard YC room booked to be closer to the sandy pool, A&C lounge, 1st stop for buses, and for the quieter nautical theme for our stay with DSs 4&6.

But since the refurb I’m wondering if we should be staying at BC instead? I dread the hustle and bustle of the lobby, but it is a little closer to Epcot and apparently the rooms are gorgeous now.

How bad are the YC rooms? Are they really that tired? Some reviews cite rust and mould and old carpets. Will they turn DH off of WDW? I love the idea of YC over BC for my crowd, but not if the rooms are going to be unpleasant by comparison.


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We just stayed at the yacht club and loved it. I haven’t stayed at the beach club so can’t compare but we did stay in a newly renovated room in NYC immediately prior to our stay at another hotel. So we did have a new room to compare it too.
I couldn’t fault the yacht club room. And I had had similar thoughts to yours prior to our stay.
Yes. You can tell it’s not brand new. But rarely a hotel room is. The volume of guests that go through must be huge.
I’m glad we didn’t swap back to beach club. We loved the quiet elegant feel of YC. We spent minimal time in the room. Most of our time was in storm along bay and the parks.
We had originally booked bc but switched when the discounts came out. I’m glad we did.
Either way you’ll have a fantastic time!


I have not stayed at the BC since the refurb but I have to say I loved the YC rooms in April. I really wasn’t expecting it!

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