YC/BC pools in November?

I’m thinking about booking a family trip to the World in mid-November. Is it worth springing for Yacht Club/Beach Club to get to visit Stormalong Bay that time of year, or is it likely to be too cold to be enjoyable?

Average high in November is 79-80 degrees F, it looks like, but if it’ll be too chilly to stay long, I might consider a Moderate resort!

Thanks for any thoughts or advice!

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We were just there over Thanksgiving week and have done two previous Thanksgiving weeks. Temps vary a lot so there’s no way to really know. I was disappointed this last time in how chilly it was at night but during the days it would have been quite pleasant in the pools. We did shorts a couple of days. We were at AOA pools. They were heated but not enough for my liking for night. In our other 2 visits I remember it being warmer at night but also we’d have some really cold days (think: you can see your breath).

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We typically visit in November or March. In both cases, it is often warm enough to swim during mid-afternoon but not late afternoon/evenings. The water is heated so it’s doable. That being said, we don’t usually swim daily on trips during those times as it’s just not the refreshing activity it is in the late spring/summer/fall months. We swam daily in the evenings on our late May trip.

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Yeah, that’s kind of my thinking - it’s one thing to go swimming every day during the summer; another when it’s milder out. But I’ve also never seen Stormalong Bay, so I’d love to try it out! Decisions, decisions…

What time of November? We went early November, week before Veteren’s Day, and it was very hot everyday. It was high 80’s, felt like low 90’s a few days. We were in the pool every day and even did a whole waterpark day. We are from New England though and my kids can swim in 60 degrees. Edited because now I see you’re going mid-November. Hopefully some others will chime in.

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We were there (BC) last week so weather probably equally unpredictable as November. I didn’t swim, but the rest of the family did two afternoons. They said it was warm enough while in the heated pools but chilly when out (going up slide, etc). Highs were 71 and 77.

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We went in early December to the YC and swam at Stormalong Bay, at least one day at mid-day, as I recall.

But we’re from Montana so make of that what you will. :wink:

Anyway, there are other reasons to stay there. Will the holiday decorations be up by the time you arrive? The Christmas decorations at the Deluxes are gorgeous, and I still remember the sugar cookie smell at BC, and balsam at YC. It really WAS magical!

We were at WDW 12/2-12/11. We did a split stay and moved from Pop to BC on 12/8.

The temp in Orlando when we landed was 42 degrees. The first several days we wore long sleeved shirt, pants, gloves, coats, etc. They actually closed the water park due to temp. And we are from the Midwest. Thankfully our split was later once the weather warmed up. Later in the week the high was 86.

We swam every day at BC. It was chilly when the sun was behind a cloud or the breeze was blowing. But not too bad. Thankfully our split was later & warmer.