Yay! Just Used Disney Vacation Account to Buy Annual Pass

I wanted to see how the Disney Vacation Account would work, particularly if it would be a useful way to load the dozens of Disney gift cards I'd been accumulating from Target into one location. I was pleased to see that it worked fine when purchasing an Annual Pass. I loaded $650 worth of gift cards onto the account (and a $26 credit card deposit), then used the account number to purchase my pass. With the Target 5% discount, that meant a $32.50 saving.

Was it worth the 20 minutes of scratching off gift card account numbers and security codes? I'll leave that up to others. For now, I'm just happy to know this works. I'll have to try it out later to pay for rooms.

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So glad to see this! I wanted to do the same thing to get my MNSSHP tickets but was a little nervous. So glad to know someone has done it!

Did you do everything at one time, i.e. set up the account, add the gift cards, and then use them? Or is there a waiting period between some of the steps, like you have to wait x days from when you set up the account to when you use it?

I created the account a couple days ago and added some of the gift cards right away. The FAQs for the site say you can only make five "one-time payments" per day, but I think I loaded eight $50 gift cards (and one credit card deposit) the first day. I had to buy more gift cards, then returned to the site today, added those and immediately was able to make a purchase through the Disney website.

You choose Disney Gift Card as the method of purchase and just enter your account number. The only thing that's a little strange is getting the account number. You can see the last four digits on the site and then the rest of your number is emailed to you. You can't see the whole number in one place (and they warn you for security reasons not to save the account number or share it with anyone).

Does the Disney Vacation Account work the same way for Disneyland?

This is the first time using my account, but it says it works for Disneyland, Aulani, Adventures by Disney, and the Cruise Line, too. Here's a link to their FAQs: https://disneyvacationaccount.disney.go.com/questions/