Yak & Yeti Reservations Unavailable 10/9/16 through unknown date

Does anyone know why Yak & Yeti reservations are unavailable from Sunday 10/9/16 through at least 10/15/16 (I can’t try to book after 10/15/16)? The last day reservations are available is 10/8/16.

I should have also stated that 10/9 - 15/16 is in my ADR booking window for our trip and I was able to get reservations for other AK restaurants, just not Yak & Yeti. Any ideas or is there something I don’t know? Thanks.

I haven’t seen anything about a refurb. It’s a Landry’s restaurant though so you can probably call them direct to find out what’s going on. Or has a backup you can get the Landry’s select card which lets you skip the line and the folks with reservations to get a table.

Yes just get a Landry’s card and show up when you feel like it. That is what we did and had no probs Thanksgiving week. Still, I probably wouldn’t show up right at 12:30 for lunch. They can’t seat you quickly if every table is already full.

Just guessing, but it might also be a contract issue. Non-Disney owned restaurants renegotiate their contracts on an annual basis; it may be that the contract hasn’t been settled yet.

Thanks for that great tip @Outer1 and @duffybear! I had no idea that Landry’s owned so may restaurants at WDW