Yak & Yeti, and Landry's cards at Costco

Costco has two $50 cards for $79.99. I think. Unconfirmed, but reported on Allears.net. DH and I will be dining at Yak & Yeti on our first full day in WDW. Will two grown-up humans who count calories and walk 30+ minutes every day in preparation for WDW really spend more than $100 on one very early dinner? Please advise.

Depends on how many cocktails you have. Actually, I had the steak and shrimp hibachi special (highly highly recommend), coconut shrimp side, and 1 cocktail (some kiwi something that was delicious) and with tip my bill was in the $70-80 range.


I’m impressed at your discipline if you count calories on vacation. All that extra walking always enables me. :laughing:

It will vary a lot depending on what would be typical for you. For instance, the following are drastically different but neither is outlandish for a couple on vacation.
2 entrees with water
Split an app, 2 entrees, split a dessert, 2 drinks each

Check out the menu in MDE and sketch out what you might want. We ordered quite a few different dishes if you want to see portion sizes:

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Also, you don’t need to spend the whole $100. As long as you spend at least $80, you break even.


Landry’s cards can be used in multiple restaurants in many states. Could you use one $50 (plus cash) at Yak & Yeti and another card at another restaurant?


You guys rock. :smiley: Thank you for the enabling!