Yak and Yeti or Boma?

Trying to pick where to have dinner before the after hours event in AK this month. Open to other suggestions too!

Sanaa Or Tiffins would be my vote.

Love Jiko


Boma is our hands-down favorite restaurant outside the parks. But we love Yak and Yeti, too. If you want to already be in the park before the after hours event, then Yak and Yeti might be a better choice that day. Can’t go wrong with the food either place!

I agree with Yak and Yeti If you are in the park. Fun place with a great menu. For a nicer and quieter dinner, Tiffin’s is solid. Out of the park, Boma, Sana’a and Jiko are all great.

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Not sure if this is helpful, but for me, I’d go with Boma because I can get great Asian food nearby when I’m home, but african food is less available. (Also, I like buffets and Boma has the world’s best soup.)

Completely agree!!