Yachtsman or Lecellier?

Any thoughts or preferences on one vs the other . Trying to schedule a meal that will work around illumations and one of these I can do st 5 the other at 7 . Is the 7 pm one too late anyway and just try it another night? Aw Jeez !!!

I think 7 is to late.

Our choice would be the Yachtsman. Much better food.

I have to say that I had very bad service at both of these restaurants. Le Cellier, unlike other signature resurants, usually has college program students as servers. Yachtsman was such a horrible experience for me I would never return.

I would always allow for two hours to eat a signature meal. If you pick Yachtsman add another 15 to walk and enter the park again.

We have had great meals at both restaurants. If you enjoy a good steak you will not be disappointed with either. We are returning this summer and my family requested I make reservations for Le Cellier. They love the beer cheese soup and had to go back for that in addition to the steaks!