Yacht club water view

I am hoping someone could tell me a great room to view fireworks from the Yacht Club! I am currently booked in a water view room. They didn’t have any openings but I scored one today for the time we are gone. Any suggestions would be awesome.


We had room 4069 - I thought I would hate it because it was a good distance from the lobby. But there’s an elevator right around the corner that drops you by the ferry, it’s a short walk to Boardwalk Bakery for breakfast and we had a view of the fireworks!

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Here’s the view!


That is gorgeous. I worried about the walking since we would have my mother in law but I wanted a laid back and quiet room. Is this a 2 queen room? There will be 5 of us going.

Yes, 2 Queens. The elevator by the room proved to be a lifesaver to minimize walking.