Yacht Club vs. Boardwalk

Looking at resorts for possible June 2015 trip. Planning on staying at a deluxe resort club level. We were thinking Grand Floridian but after pricing it out, we could stay an extra day if we changed resort to Yacht Club or Boardwalk (or even Beach Club). Anyone ever stay at either of these resorts and can give input???

Also just a but concerned about possibility of pool being affected by the Beach Club construction so if any TAs or CMs have insider info on that it would be much appreciated!!!

With Beach Club under refurb I would avoid it - you never know, and lately WDW has been very generous with it’s construction walls.

Boardwalk and Yacht are both great resorts. BW qill be slightly closer to Epcot. I will say I prefer the view from Yacht Club looking at the BW vs at the BW looking at YC/BC. BW has beautiful lighting at night, but I know that is a lame reason to chose a resort. Good food at both also.

I would let it boil down to price and availability. You honestly can’t go wrong.

The highlight of the yc/bc is the pool. If the pool is closed,you may get diverted to the boardwalk anyway.

Thanks for your input! We are definitely leaning towards BW after looking at the options. It is only about $200 difference between BW and YC (BW more), but I would rather pay a little extra for closer proximity to EP and no construction risk.

I stayed at BW a couple of weeks ago. I have stayed CL BC, and I look forward to staying at YC in April. YC has one of my favorite lounges in the world! I do not think you can go wrong with any of them. Have you checked out the Club Level thread here?

Honestly, I think at this point I would go with the cheapest option. For me the 200.00 would pay for a dinner at Jiko!

@PrincipalTinker thanks for your thoughts! I have checked out the CL thread and it has been helpful but didn’t seem to be too much talk of BW which is why I wanted to ask specifically. Lots to think about!!

I asked @irenek to post comments and pictures to that thread after her stay. She said she didn’t because it could be Googled. I don’t know, I didn’t try to Google it. Maybe she will see this and help you.

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I thought I also read that BC CL rooms were already updated so if you did not mind the lobby or other areas being worked on you could be OK.

Hmmm I wasn’t sure of details…that is why I ask the experts;) I was most worried about the pool being worked on and potential for lots of noise!

I have been at POR and Poly during construction and I have never been bothered by noise. Of course I do not spend much time in my room!

I gave reAd that the pool renovations are not extensive and involve two bridges at SAB. It is scheduled to be completed by early March

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Haven’t stayed at either, but based on visiting I would say YC if you want quiet, BW if you want to be n the middle of things. BW would win for me.