Yacht Club vs Beach Club Sound Level

I’ve noticed that the guide lists Yacht Club as a D and Beach Club as a B for sound level. Is there really that much of a difference? Anyone know why?

Hmmmmm…that’s funny. I assume you are looking at the 2017 Unofficial Guide? Or maybe 2018? I have the 2016 guide and Yacht Club was a B; Beach Club was a C+. But you have to consider that these grades are based on reader’s reviews. So you really can’t compare them to one another because it is unlikely that the reviewers actually stayed at both the Beach Club and the Yacht Club. Also, it is purely subjective. Did one of the Yacht Club reviewers have a frat party next door while they were there? Or perhaps a Beach Club reviewer lives next to a train track crossing and is accustomed to train horns and crossing bells throughout the night (raises hand here) so they considered the resort quiet. I guess I’m just saying the grades may be a good guide, but I wouldn’t base my decision on them.

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2018 UG also shows those same noise levels: Yacht Club is B, Beach Club is C+.

I was actually looking at the site when I wrote this, assumed it was the same as the guide… https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/hotels/sound-ratings

The link is definitely from the survey results. I want to say the Guide grades are from empirical data UG “testers” take in the field. I will have to try to remember to double check when I have a Guide in hand, but I thought they visit and actually measure noise in actual rooms. Am I dreaming?

Yacht Club levels may increase with the new dog policy. Something to consider.

I’ve stayed in one of them a few years ago. Can’t actually remember which?

Cannot think what sound people could encounter there?

They are both in a nice quiet spot.

Maybe you can hear the fireworks from epcot but if you can it can’t be loud

Nothing in the link appears to be survey related, unless I missed it. The page talks about the procedure used by the UG staff to measure sound.

Also, I love Baba O’Riley, FWIW.

Mea Culpa - Guess I didn’t follow the link and just assumed it was this one https://touringplans.com/walt-disney-world/hotels/quietness-of-room which I’d found when trying to confirm my recollection that they tested empirically. That one is survey related. Interestingly Yacht surveys at a B vs. a B- for Beach…

The better link that @mikejs78 posted does match the description in the 2018 UG book where they crank the Who and measure at the pillow of the nearest bed to the door with a sound meter. One thing that’s hard to judge is they don’t specify what the difference is between a B & D so it’s hard to judge with much certainty. And glancing at some of the places I’ve stayed that ranked an F, I guess we could hear people in the hall on occasion, but it was never really an issue for us. But it may be dependent on the good behavior of your neighbors…