Yacht Club USB charging points

Hi, I’m going to be staying at the YC in October and was wondering if any USB outlets have been added during the refurb. we will have several devices that will need daily charging and was looking for the best solution. I will be travelling from the UK so will need a multitude of adapters or may be 1 adapter with a UK 4 way extension cord. Any tips or suggestions would be great. Thanks

I believe they are in the refurbished rooms only. Maybe suggest one of those to be safe?

Where can I find which rooms have been refurbished? I thought the refurb was done. Oh, my, need to look for my room reservation…

Buildings 80’s and 90’s are finished. They are now working on 70’s.

Hi, thanks for the info but having never been to the Yacht Club could you explain where the buildings 80’s and 90’s are?

that’s POP. The Yacht Club just posted that they are done refurbing as of end of August…

my apologies. I’m mixing up resorts. Sorry for confusion!

Hi, I thought it sounded a little off but having never been wasn’t sure. Thanks.

I checked out of YC yesterday and there are USB ports all over the rooms. There are two on every outlet, sonprobably 10 or more in the room. And I asked when we checked in, all of the rooms have been refurbished now!

Hi, thanks for the info, that is just what I was hoping for. Enjoy your break.