Yacht Club trip May 17-21 2021

Just came back from an adult girls trip to Disney (left our families at home). Always amazed at how I can still experience so many new things every time I go. Wanted to share details about the Yacht Club while still fresh in my mind.

This was the first time I have stayed in Yacht Club. Have previously stayed at CR and Grand Floridian and also enjoyed those resorts, but YC is my new favorite. It is located between Epcot and Hollywood Studios and you can access both parks either by walking or taking a boat. Location, location, location! It was wonderful to have days that we did not have to rely on transportation. One of the days we rope dropped Hollywood Studios we were literally one of the first 10 people in line and first in line to get into the park. Walkers currently have an advantage at least at HS to all other modes of transportation. Did not rope drop Epcot so can’t report on that.

Storm-a-long bay was an amazing pool. Sandy bottom series of pools with a loud pool where they held games for kids, the beach pool which was shallow and you could build sandcastles (lots of kids in this one also), the lazy river and the deeper areas where adults hung out complete with waterfalls. Multiple jacuzzis around the pools. Also a water slide that was decent but tame enough for my grown up self to ride in a bikini. Pools are AMAZING! We never had to go on a waiting list to get into Storm-a-long bay but we did have to scan our magic bands every time. Mostly walked in or were behind 1 or 2 other people. Water slide rarely had lines - usually by the time we got to the top we could go. There is also a bar at the Storm-a-long Bay where you can get food and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Beaches and Cream was open but we never went there. Walked through one time. The bathroom at the pool was very nice and clean. Also, Beach Club hotel section was NOT open at this point either - only DVC. Note we generally used the pool in the afternoons between 2-4.

We did checkout the quiet pool one day when doing laundry (see more below). The quiet pool was just open - no one monitoring it or checking bands or anything. Only a few people there when we checked it out.

I loved the decor at YC. It is a little more sophisticated and less Disney themed with characters. The rooms feel very large with two queen size beds, a couch, a desk area, a coffee area, a decent little closet that lights up inside when you open the door, a tv with drawers under it and a decent size bathroom. My friend and I did not even use all the drawers and closet for our clothes. You access the double sink area with a barn door and then another barn door to access the toilet/bathtub shower. The shower has two shower heads - an overhead rain shower and then a spray shower head that you can take off the handle. It was amazing to be under the two of them together - felt so luxurious!

We were on the first floor. Garden view. Looked out into a courtyard, but could see a sliver of the lake out front if we stepped out onto the porch. It was generally quiet. During the day you might hear some kids or your neighbors.

Coffee area was very nice with it’s own overhead lighting. Keurig coffee maker - if you want to bring your own from home. We did bring some from home but then also drank what was provided. To start you get a few teas, 2 decafs, 2 regular (French roast Joffrey’s). I thought the coffee provided was very good. They also give you a few creamers, sugars, sweeteners and stirrers. We called to ask for extras and they brought us a huge bag with enough that we took some home with us. There is a also a refrigerator in the coffee area. Next to the coffee area, there is also a section of the closet with a safe and an iron with an ironing board if you need it.

Loved, loved, loved the room!

There are a few laundry options on property if you want to do laundry while there. We used the one by the quiet pool at YC. It was great! $3 per machine for wash or dry. No one else was using it while we had our stuff in there. I can’t remember exactly how many machines but maybe 6-8 washers and dryers. You pay by credit card only. there is a machine on the wall, you pick your machine and then put on the setting you want. You can bring your own detergent or buy - did not notice the prices on it - brought our own. We put our wash in for 40 min, sat by the quiet pool, moved it to the dryer. It takes an hour so we headed over to Storm-a-long bay and when we were done, we picked it our dry laundry on our way to get ready for dinner.

Most of the restaurants at Boardwalk were closed. But Trattoria was open, the Margarita stand was open and the bakery for sure. Didn’t try any of those but on our list for the future. We ate breakfast at Ale and Compass - very good and enjoyed it very much.

I would recommend for adult only trips, trips with older kids or families that prioritize Hollywood Studios and Epcot. The pool was awesome and younger kids would enjoy, but I think there are other hotels with more character theming, but if MK is your priority, there are other hotels that might be better for families with younger kids. The trip to MK and back takes a little bit - waiting at the bus stop, driving over.

Happy to answer any questions! But love, love, love this resort!


Thanks so much for this!! We leave (on a train) one week from today and are spending a week at YC and a week at GF! Loved the info about the laundry and walking (we will have scooters). I’m sure I will have questions but of course right now I can’t think of any LOL.

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That will be an AMAZING trip. I have also stayed at GF. It is absolutely gorgeous! There is a walking trail from there to MK that you can take your scooters on or you can take the monorail in addition to the bus. Enjoy!

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What a great detailed report!

I stayed at YC once, back in 1999. My ex works at Disney Feature Animation and at that time the “fishbowl” (the feature animation branch in Orlando) in HS was still open. He had just started working at the Burbank studio but had to go down to Orlando to do some work there. So I went along. It was lovely!

However, the funniest thing about that trip was when we got to our room…it hadn’t been cleaned. Like, the person who had the room before us was VERY tidy - made the bed and everything. However, the bedspread wasn’t perfectly flat, there was a newspaper laying on it. Then I went in the bathroom and there were towels on the counter. My ex and I were headed out to get dinner or something so we stopped by the front desk to let them know. The look on the face if the woman working the front desk was priceless. :astonished: She was horrified! :joy: They offered to move us but we just asked them to clean the room while we were gone. When we got back it was perfect! The rest of the stay was uneventful and for an EPCOT lover like me being able to just WALK to the IG was the best thing ever!


If I could afford to stay deluxe YC would be my choice definitely. Love the lobby!


I so miss this! We stood for the longest time watching them putting the finishing touches on Aladdin in 1992 when we were there, IIRC.

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We have 3 weeks there in September - provided US borders are open to travellers from the UK. We had a great time there in 2015 and also enjoyed the BC in 2017. The September trip was moved from May, which had been moved from last September. Yes SAB is a great mini waterpark and the sandy bottom is cool.

You can monitor how your laundry is doing on a webpage - TP has all the details, just look at the laundry section of the resort description - you can see what machines are available, in use or out of service before you head off to the laundry.

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Hello! Did you like the ground floor balcony/patio? I was going to try to ask for a ground floor near the quiet pool so my teenage kids could pop out easily and sit by the pool.

We did like the ground floor. The patio outside our room was surrounded by bushes so not sure we could have walked out of our patio area. We still left through the regular door and through the building.

The laundry thing does not work accurately, at least not when we were trying to use it. :woman_shrugging: