Yacht club rooms

Staying in a Garden or Woods room. (Requested upper Floor)

Anyone have some room location or number recommendations? Or upgrade strategies ?

Not a specific room - however upgrade strategy comes down to a lot of things - including luck.

1 - Be pleasant through the whole checkin process
2 - if you have been to WDW several times say so - “oh we love it here this is our 10th trip” or “oh this is our FIRST trip and we are so excited”
3 - Ask what upgrade opportunities there are (either for free or for a charge)
4 - If they say they can’t upgrade you - ask "is there anyone who can, could I talk to the manager, etc
5- if you have a specific upgrade (different view, floor, area, size of room) be specific as to what you want - not just BETTER. as the person may be able to give you a room that is bigger, or on a higher floor, or has a bigger balcony - if you are specific.

However be polite through the whole thing.

Not sure I can help you get upgraded - we were upgraded to a water view b/c we requested to be near my parents, and they had reserved a waterview. But the coolest thing about our room was we could see some of the epcot fireworks from our balcony. I think the garden view rooms actually would have had a better vantage point (assuming you’re high up so the trees don’t block too much). Check out the touring plans room locator, I think you want to be somewhere in the 4073 or 4153 zone…

Thank you for the help. It was what I was looking for. When I get there I will explore possible upgrades. Question for you. the far 3 story wing looks great if facing the water around 3025. Would I be making a mistake if I am that far away from everything? looks quiet and with a great view… thanks again

Probably quiet from a neighboring room/foot traffic perspective. There might be more noise from the boats since it’s closer to the water. There’s a small pool over there (and that’s where the laundry is). I don’t think the walk to the bus stop, epcot or boardwalk would feel any longer or shorter.

I had a wonderful surprise last april @Dolphin. I had some sticker shock w prices b/c b4 stayed dur mid august.

I called front desk a few times for various reasons, each time asked if prices could be any lower since I booked (nicely but I think I whined a bit haha). I had booked 2 conn rooms (we stay there & do that often). But had to book standard not w balcony b/c prices so higher.

Few wks b4 trip I called re something & asked CM what is best, nicest way to request a balcony room for 1 of the rooms? She said, oh, we’ve already given you that on your reservation info! So nice of them.

I think also as said ^ it can help if you mention that you stay @that hotel many times, or stay at disney in general many times. Or if you’re a first time visitor & very excited about your first trip there.

I will definitely try calling and making some requests. I really want a balcony with a view of the boardwalk if possible. Excited for trip. Never said at the yacht club.

I was upgraded to club level at YC. I only did online check in and my only request was an “upper level” room. The rooms are assigned before you get there. They were waiting for me at the bus and had a folder with all my ADRs and FPs printed in a folder.

I love the YC- enjoy!

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