Yacht club room upgrade

Anyone know if upgrading to a water view room at the yacht club is worth it? Concerned about the work they are doing and getting a crap room

Do you have standard or garden view? I would honestly keep whatever room you have. They have been renovating floor by floor. One of my wallpaper photos on my computer is an YC room before renovations. It was beautiful.

Yes currently we have a standard garden view. I was thinking of calling and inquiring about the construction schedule. Have you stayed? I was thinking of requesting a room facing the lagoon and boardwalk in the far northwest wing nearest the swan and dolphin. I know this puts us away from the pool but it also looks quiet and beautiful over there. Thoughts?

I hate to admit that when I stayed I was upgraded to CL! I did stay at that end you are talking about. These days that would be away from the new WS but still close to everything and just lovely! I love the YC! I hope you have a great trip!

wondering how much progress has been made with renovations. What floors have been finished? If we want a renovated room, then just ask for one generically?

We will be there late august. I did upgrade to a lake view and put a room request in for a little bit away from pool. I will give a trip report and lyk when we get back

I’ll be there Sept 2nd. Looking forward to staying there!