Yacht Club Room Request

I am in the process of setting up my room request for my upcoming trip. We are staying at the Yacht Club (never stayed before) and we have 2 rooms in our party. We are staying in a Garden view room with 2 queen beds. I usually pick my rooms based off the view but for I know that not all the rooms in the Yacht Club have a daybed. Is there any way for me to find out which rooms do have a daybed so I can request the rooms based on daybed and view? Any room suggestions from people that have stayed at the Yacht Club before? TIA!!

If a daybed is truly most important just include a line in the FAX along those lines. “Number one priority is a room with a day bed, second is…”

That should help. Sorry I can’t help on the specific rooms which may have day beds - I thought most do though…

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No worries. Thanks for the information. I guess all I can do is put what I want in the request and hope for the best.