Yacht Club room question

We are booked for a garden view 2 queen room at the yacht club. Is trying to upgrade the room worth it and if so what should I request.

Not doing club level. Obsessed w garden grocer !!!

Thanks. D

what do you want to upgrade to?

Anything that is worth it. I would love some kind of view of the lake and boardwalk. Just wondering if I call what I should ask for and at what point would it not be worth it.

I would try to call the hotel directly to find out what the various views are and what you are looking for. Only you can determine what the tipping point is and what is most important to you. Some may love overlooking the pool - others may want something more serine. I would certainly have in mind - what you think you may want and then ask the hotel directly, what if any upgrade it is.

Personally I like to be fairly close to the lobby. Stayed at boardwalk one time and needed to pack a lunch each time I went back to the room it was so far away.

I personally find having a balcony is worth the upgrade - regardless of (most) the view.

We stayed at WL once and the view was ok at best. Overlooked the trash disposal - how lovely. However we were high enough to see the fireworks at night. As we had smaller children at the time we were in the room by fireworks time on several evening - so it was fun to watch in our jammies.

So perhaps ask if there are any rooms that you can see EPCOT fire works, or that overlooks a quite pool, etc. There may be some views that are great for you but are at more of a budget.

I also don’t like staying on the first floor


I also don’t like being on the bottom floor. I am calling today… It is only 4 nights so feeling like best available within reason may be where i want to be


A lovely view is just that…lovely. But it cost $$$! Unless you have extra money to throw around, use that money for other stuff, like meals, snacks, drinks, souvenirs, etc. You’re not in your room all that much, and when you are, are you really staring out your window for very long?