Yacht Club or Wilderness Lodge?

I am able to book that recovery free dining deal due to a canceled vacation in April. With the full realization that this trip may need to be canceled as well, I’m still trying to plan a late July trip as a coping mechanism. So, in the spirit of distracting myself, I found that for my dates it’s essentially the same amount of money to stay in a standard room at Wilderness Lodge or a Garden/Wood View room at Yacht Club.

We’ve stayed at Beach Club and enjoyed it (my kids loved the pool) but have never stayed at YC. We have always wanted to stay at Wilderness. While I love staying in the MK area overall, my concerns about WL are the size of the rooms and the fact that most have not been refurbished and likely won’t be by the time we go. And the pool there seems a bit underwhelming. Yacht appeals because of the area as well as the pool and refurbished rooms, but we just stayed at Beach in January and it might be nice to stay somewhere completely different next trip.

What say you? YC or WL? WWYD?

We’ve always been big YC fans, for the access to two parks, the pool and the fact that it’s quieter than BC. I don’t know if it matters, but they do allow dogs at the YC.


I think the deciding factor should be where are you likely to be most - MK or Epcot.

And actually HS isn’t a horrible stroll from YC.


YC for the quick access to EP and HS. The refurbished rooms with the wood floors are nice and spacious, the pool is great, I like the coastal theming, and the view of Crescent Lake in the morning is one of my top 5 favorite things about Disney. My only gripe about YC/BC is lack of a good QS, but that’s a minor issue with all the options at BW and in EP! Oh, and the buses to/from MK were shared with BW and Swolphin so getting there and back was kind of a pain, but we just got off and walked from wherever the bus stopped first.

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It’s a 7-night trip and we have hoppers, so we’re going to be everywhere. But I do like the quick access to two parks and the skyliner access from the crescent lake area.


You have hoppers? Then definitely Yacht Club, the lack of QS restaurants is immaterial when you can hit World Showcase for a meal.



For those of you who have stayed at YC/BC in the summer, is the pool super packed all the time? Like, can’t find a chair packed?

Sorry. Haven’t stayed in summer. Both Beach Club and Yacht Club stays were early December.

We were there the first week of June. No wasn’t super packed. We never had a problem. At the same time, we were never there at 1 pm. Usually either before 11 am, or after 4 pm