Yacht Club booking question for mid February

Hey everyone! We are looking to go back to The World in Mid February and book the Yacht Club, which is our favorite resort hotel. I’ve tried every which way to get a room but I have not been able to find availability for our five nights. So my question to you all is do you think if I wait a few weeks that something will open up? Or do you think I’m too close and should consider other options? Also, we have an Annual Pass, so there is a nice discount for that timeframe and we are trying to take advantage of that if we can.

Thanks all for any help!

Disney has been doing all sorts of deals for the Jan to Apr time frame… I think you might find it harder to get an opening, especially if Mid Feb means the dates surrounding Presidents Day. Planning on a split stay might be less frustrating. I took a quick look at DVC availability at Beach club and Boardwalk and they are solidly booked during that time frame also.

I would get something else booked so you at least have SOMETHING. And then I would check diligently every day, especially once you get within 45 days. People who are going to cancel will do so before their 30 day mark so you may see some things open up. YC is tremendously popular and really can be challenging to get. Not to mention that in mid-Feb it’s going to cost a pretty penny.

Thanks for the replies. I booked a studio villa at Boardwalk and we’ll see if anything else opens up in the meantime. FYI, our dates are Feb 10-15, so we should be ahead of the President’s Day weekend crowds.

Ahead of President’s Day, but right over Valentine’s Day

Sending you good luck thoughts, but glad you have booked boardwalk in the meantime.