Yacht/Beach dining/parking

We are off site and currently have reservations for Captain’s Grill…but I think that we would probably prefer the experience of the Lounge That Must Not Be Named. We were thinking sometime between 12/27-12/30 but the parking is concerning to me. I know that with the Captain’s reservation we would be able to park with no issue, but I assume they wouldn’t let us in to eat and have drinks at the lounge during the busy time? I could just park at Epcot and go through the IG, but we have two people meeting us that don’t have park hoppers (We have AP). I’m not sure what would be the best/easiest solution to our problem.

You never know with the parking but I suspect that you are right that they may say no without an ADR. I would also be scared that EP parking may have a chance to close as well. The other day HS and EP lots kept on closing due to the HS crowds for OL. I do not imagine that issue will be going away.

Park at DS and bus to BC/YC/BWI/Swan/Dolphin is another option if you MUST visit Crew’s Cup. I wouldn’t make a special trip there for either one though.