Y&Y (TS) question

We have an ADR for Y&Y Sept 2. Normally, we do QS @AK for lunch, but since it will be so hot, I thought it would be nice to get in out of the heat. But here's the deal: we have a pre-rd ADR @ TH, then dinner at CG. That is a ton of eating. Should we drop it and brave the heat? Or do you have some good app or share meal recommendations? We have only ever had their QS, but normally eat Flame Tree. And canceling TH or CG is not an option.

I eat at the bar at Yak & Yeti quite often and order only apps. The potstickers are delicious. Also like the pork egg rolls and the wok fried green beans. I think it's an excellent place to get out of the heat for awhile. Love the atmosphere in there.


Great, thanks! I thought the potstickers might be a good split for my boys- they love when we have them at home. I am also trying to do many different things this trip. Try new places.

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Totally agree with @Sorcerers_Apprentice - there are great apps at Y&Y, and it's a nice place to relax! We usually end up splitting several apps instead of entrees. We love the seared tuna salad and lettuce wraps and potstickers. Great drinks, too!


We only eat apps here, and Yak Attacks. @WeHave2GoBack and I share the tuna, lettuce wraps and potstickers all the time. When DH came with us last time, he felt left out, but we didn't care!! Great place to chill. They have that AC set to Artic! Also a great place to grab a sweet snack, as the pineapple fried wontons could inspire grown men to cry!

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Seared ahi salad is amazing and could easily be shared by 2.

I can promise a Yak Attack will be had! And I love Ahi. Ok. Getting super happy about this now. Thanks, Everyone! I just know I want to be ready for Cali Grill later that night!

Oooooh, I forgot about those wonton desserts!! Yum!!

Pork Eggs Rolls and Pot Stickers (seared)

Yak Attack! (posting my first picture. Hope it works!)


Wait! @Sorcerers_Apprentice - how do you get those cute borders for your pics, and the fab mosaic effects? (feeling old and drab..)

Old and Drab. Pshaw! It's an iPhone app called PhotoGrid. Pretty sure it's free 'cause I'm cheap and don't pay for apps (at least not the iPhone kind)

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Here's the Ahi Salad at Y&Y. There is just as much ahi on the other side as you see here...

What's IN a Yak attack?

Hmmmmm. Rum. Mango stuff I think. Maybe pomegranate or passion fruit?

From lines menus: "mango daiquiri, rum and wild berry favors". All in a tall, slushy swirly form! tropical_drink cocktail

Best egg rolls EVER!!!!!!!!!

No pic @bswan26 frowning

The picture shows up on my PC...Wonder if it's a platform issue?

I can see @bswan picture. I'm on my phone.