Xmas week MK hours

We are planning a trip to WDW Xmas week this year. We have gone the same week for the past three years and MK has always opened at 8am (with 7am EMH). Usually they update the hours in mid-November, but they did not this year. Do you think they will make any changes to the hours at this point?


Two years ago, I’m sure it was December before they added the extra hours. I’d be surprised if they don’t add the hours on.

I thought they would extend the hours too but Thanksgiving Week HS and EP were closing at 9:00 I think? It seems as if they are reducing hours at times.

I’ve been watching as well. I get the feeling that if they aren’t updated by 12/7, then there won’t be 7am EMHs. Here’s what I’ve found for historical updates for that week:

Per Kenny the Pirate, they updated the hours for that week on 11/17 in 2017 (see below). He had the same post on 11/19 in 2016.

Back when easywdw still did crowd calendars (2015), they updated the hours for that week on 11/24:


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I had booked my fast passes based on the assumption of a 7am EMH - so fingers crossed they make the change. But if they change the hours, they would not change my FP reservations, correct?

No your FP will stay the same.

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Hours updated!

Heck your email for the notification.


From 22nd through to 31st, MK opens at 8am, with morning EMH added. On the 30th there is also evening EMH added for MK.

That means we’ll have to get up even earlier to RD the day after Christmas. That’s going to be a loooong day for my teenager who also wants to stay there until midnight. DH and I will be going back to the resort in the afternoon to rest before we have to pick DD up at MK to go to Epcot for supper. Then she and I will go back to MK for the night. Heck, it’ll be a long day for me!

I got an FPP for 7DMT on my departure day. Hurrah!

I probably won’t be able to use it. I can’t fit it into my other plans. Hurroo!

So what’s the play here? If I targeted FPs starting at 9 or 10 not knowing this would happen (rookie move I guess) is that still a good time? Or try to move them earlier if possible?

We would be planning to get there for morning EMH unless the family mutinies.

Magic kingdom opens at 7am 12/25 with a 6am EMH!!! I am thinking from 6-7, the park will be pretty empty and then start filling up after that. How do you think crowds will be that morning.

And boy, that will be an early start!!

I am thinking of spending 6-8 in Fantasy Land and Tomorrowland, breakfast at 8ish and then start using FPP after that. What are others thinking?

We will be arriving at MK at 8am when the EMH start at 7am. When I optimized my touring plan, it DID NOT change my wait times based on arriving at the park an hour after opening. SO, I don’t think the wait times are going to be accurate. Anyone have any thoughts/

Wait times currently for between christmas and nye seem way off to me. Best to check 2017 times for comparison

Just realizing that sunrise is not until after 7am, so will be dark the first hour in the park!

How do you check wait times from last year? Pardon my ignorance!

Sorry, I thought you could select dates all the way back, but I guess you need to type them in the url, like this: https://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/wait-times/date/2017-12-27

Thanks, the wait times are MUCH LONGER than predicted. I appreciate the link!