Xmas party

As of right now, we plan on returning home from Disney on 11/8 which is the first day of the very merry xmas party.
in your opinion, would it be worth spending the money on extending your trip to attend the event? seems hard to miss out by one day but looking for thoughts as we have never gone.
i have two daughters 9 and 7 if that influences opinions…

thanks in advance

I did this. I was originally planning on returning home on 11/8 and did extend it one day to return on 11/9. I’ve never been to WDW before so I have no experience on whether it would be worth it or not. I did it because it is just my mom and me going. My mom loves Christmas and it may be the only time that she goes to WDW.

I’ve been to the party twice (2009 and 2014) and loved it. And 9 and 7 are good ages for the party IF they are the type of kids who are good with late nights at the park.

That said, I haven’t been to the party in 5 years, and I have read that the parties have become more and more crowded each year (along with more expensive). In 2014, it was pretty crowded until the 10 pm fireworks show ended and then the crowds started to tail off. And if it is much more crowded now, it might not be the same experience that I had.

If you’ve never done it before and don’t plan to be back for a while, I would definitely do it.


I am so back and forth on this. It ends up being a lot of extra money but seems like an awesome event